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Paring Down

I’ve been doing some major “Spring Cleaning” in the cottage, with still more do. We are normally very good about recycling, reusing and donating things to the charity shop, but this year we have truly taken a more minimalistic approach to heart and are trying to get rid of the things we don’t really need. Paring down in order to be better organised and our home a more relaxing environment in that it will be a little more devoid of clutter, but still cozy.

I am also taking this idea into my blog. I have a few things I have been working on behind the scenes with a lot of help at times of Mr. Michie, if I couldn’t quite get a css code right. I am going to be paring down, streamlining and doing a little de-cluttering.

Stick with me, there are some BIG changes to come and I will be telling you more as I get closer to unveiling my plans.

3 Years

Today, I celebrate 3 years of blogging. This space has changed a lot in 3 years and I shall continue to evolve it.

I am “growing-up” in this “blogging” world and I feel my blog should reflect that, reflect where I am right now. So little by little I will start to make a few changes here and there. So, stay tuned!

I want to thank you all for reading what I write, for your lovely comments and e-mails and for sticking with me! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I never imagined that when I started this 3 years ago, as a creative outlet just for me, that I would meet such kind, generous people! Thank You!

Here’s to another 3 years!

A few of my favorite posts, just a handful of them, written over this past year:

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P.S. Today is Cinco De Mayo and Mr. Michie and I will be celebrating with homemade mexican food tonight, but in the mean time to get me in the spirit, Gigi & Foxy shared a little pic with me of a party they are throwing on their farm! Enjoy! (click here)



I’ve been invited to join Pinterest and I spent my first evening on it, drinking a hot cup of tea and filling up a board with cozy fall images.

Come on over and join me, this is going to be FUN!

**I have included a button in my sidebar for you to navigate there easily**

This is it!

This is the last week of my 365 day blog, In the Art Cupboard. I have almost come full circle. I have a few last things to photograph to finish the week up and I have already decided what they will be, just a few things I have had my eye on for awhile.

So be sure to check out the blog this week to see what pops up. I can’t believe that a whole year is almost coming to close on this project. Something, I will no doubt reflect on in the near future, as this blog was a part of my life everyday over the last year and something that has brought my joy and at times challenges,but I have it thoroughly enjoyed it.

2 Year Blogaversary

I’m growing up! I have now been blogging for two whole years today! I never thought that when I wrote my very first post, that I would meet such kind, artistic, generous women (and men) who follow me, read me and support me.

I truly appreciate all of you and I want to personally Thank You for taking the time to read me and to write me. I look forward to this next blogging year to come and I hope you continue to stay with me, I have so much more to say and do and see…

Here is just a sampler of some of my favorite posts over this past blogging year:

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(Image created by J. Michie)

Oh My Word!

Last week, in all the craziness that it was and became, in the five minutes peace I had, I went to a blog I love, Oh My Word, by the very wonderful and kind Evelyn. We talk to each other on Twitter and she has the hootiest husband, who along side his brother has turned an old ambulance into a Ohio State University tailgating machine, which I just love.

In all that was happening last week between work and home, I went to read this very lovely blog and Oh My Word, you will never guess what happened? I looked over to her “fabulousness” column and there amongst other women I admire, sat my little button.

I could not believe it! Surrounded by other great bloggers, Jenny Wren’s was there in the “fabulousness” column, well Evelyn, I thank you; you more than made my day, you made my week and I think you are pretty fabulousness too!

If you don’t already read Oh My Word, please make sure you take a look, take my word, it is a blog worth reading!