Hello, June! We’re ready for more of the glorious sunshine that May has brought us and to feel that warmth upon our skin. 

We’re ready for bowls of fruit for dinner when it starts to get truly hot and fresh heirloom tomato sandwiches, still warm from the sun when they are picked. We’re ready for the curtains to billow in the breeze while we eat dinner with windows open and breath in the salty air. 

We’re ready for early morning beach walks and finding a good spot to stop, read and drink a cup of coffee. We’re ready for the days to continue to lengthen and grow. We’re ready for Friday night pizza parties and watching old movies in the dark. 

We’re ready for the last stretch of the school year to come to a close and the start of summer to truly begin. We’re ready to relish the little things, to live within the moment, to keep on dancing and to have the wisdom to drink it all in.  

{American actor Sandra Dee, dressed in a bathing suit, with her pet poodle. She is filming ‘Gidget’ on the Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu, California, USA. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images), 1959 | Pinned HERE}


Eighteen years ago today, you took my hand and placed it in yours and we’ve been holding hands ever since.

Here’s to the next chapter in our adventure.

{Publicity still of Myrna Loy and William Powell for “After the Thin Man”, 1936. Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images | Pinned HERE}


Hello, May! If you’re anything like your sister April, you will still usher forth chilly mornings that swiftly begin to warm up when the sun comes out. Offering us a minuscule taste of what summer shall bring, when the glow of the sun is on our backs. 

Today, you herald in May Day and the appearance of the Green Man who will parade through our village with his beribboned and festive court in attendance. We’re ready for the days to continue to gradually lengthen as we eat dinner with the windows open and a breeze blows in. We’re ready for the bounty that will begin to arrive in earnest at the green grocers and the taste of the first heirloom tomatoes and yellow squash of the season. 

We’re ready for longer beach walks and the hopes of catching a seal or two sunbathing. We’re ready for early mornings where we quietly read and sip coffee as the sky turns from purple velvet to a soft awakening pink. We’re ready to continue to appreciate the little things and we’re ready for the adventures that await us.

{An image from, Summer’s Coming In by Natalia Belting, illustrated by Adrienne Adams, 1970}

It’s almost time…

It’s almost time for the Easter Bunny! Our eggs are dyed and ready to be hidden. And our basket has been set out and laid with fresh paper grass awaiting the arrival Easter treats!

{Paas Easter Dye Kit Advertisement, April 1960, Found HERE | Pinned HERE}

HELLO, April

Hello, April! You greeted us with snow this morning and it was positively delightful! If only school had been cancelled too and we could have stayed home drinking hot chocolates and watching those big fat flakes gently float down like feathers from a pillow fight. Lady Winter is not quite done with us yet and she ever so gently deposited snowflakes into the creases of daffodils and filled the cups of crocuses and dusted the rocks along the shore. It was a magical start to the month.

We’re ready for more bulbs to spring forth around us, surrounding us in a sea of yellow daffodils and pink striped tulips. We’re ready for the Spring Break that you will bring and the opportunity to work to our own schedule. To take even longer morning walks with a beach picnic packed up and ready to be gobbled down when we find the right spot. We’re ready for more strolls at dusk as the days begin to lengthen and fresh clean air being blown through the house, making the curtains sway.

We’re ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny in hopes that our basket is filled with all sweet things and maybe a small surprise or two. Welcome, April, we’re ready for all that you bring.

{A model wearing a headdress of pink and mauve lilacs and a bow of pink satin ribbon, by Emme, photo by Horst P. Horst for Vogue Magazine, 1959 | Pinned HERE}

I Give My Little Stars to Children

Via This is Colossal : Maria Prymachenko (1908 – 1997) was a self-taught folk artist known for her renderings of life in the Ukrainian countryside. Her gouache and watercolor works are vibrant and imaginative, depicting symmetrical red poppies tucked in a small vase or fantastical bull-like animals sprouting two-headed snakes. Expressive and consistently advocating for peace, Prymachenko’s paintings are widely known throughout Ukraine and internationally: she received a gold medal at the Paris World Fair in 1937, when Pablo Picasso is said to have dubbed her “an artistic miracle.”

{I Give My Little Stars to Children | gouache and fluorescent paint on paper | 1983}

HELLO, March

Hello, March. You’ve arrived on a gust of wind and came so much quicker than I thought you would. You have kept the coolness and rain that February had shrouded around her. But you seem to have brought the beginning of spring with you. There are blush pink blossoms budding on the trees and yellow daffodils with golden egg yolk hued centres, whose lush green arms dance in the breeze and crocuses the colour of violets that have sprouted up at the base of the woodlands, creating a path all of their own.

You bring with you Mardi Gras and the start of the Lenten season. We are ready for this time of reflection as our hearts our heavy with the world. We all seem to be in a continual cycle of treading water and then taking a deep breath before the next wave crashes over us again. 

We are ready for the first tastes of spring that will slowly start arriving at the green grocers as your month progresses. We are ready to dance in the kitchen while cooking dinner and the sun filters into our windows just a little longer than the day before and the day before that. 

We are ready to wear the green for St. Patrick’s Day and feast on my Nana’s Irish soda bread. And we are ready to continue to appreciate the little things, to live in the moment and to find peace in the stillness.

Welcome, March, bring us all good things. 

{Daffodils from the “Floral Calendar of Japan” series by Kawarazaki Shodo | Found via Fuji Arts}