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It’s Not Wednesday

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. So, I wasn’t really off to great a start when I realised it was only Tuesday.

It is cool, bordering on chilly and gorgeously sunny outside and I’m stuck indoors waiting for a package to arrive that was supposed to have arrived yesterday. I’ve been assured it is on the delivery truck making its way to my front door. But I don’t quite believe it, since this process of trying to get it delivered has been going on for about a week now. In the grand scheme of things, I know this isn’t a big deal, there are bigger deals going on in the world right now, then worrying about a package. But, in my own little world, I find it frustrating to be stuck indoors on a day like this.

I’m using the time to my advantage and catching up on some paperwork and articles that I have been meaning to read. Getting laundry done and listening to music.

One article I read related to British Pathé. They were a company who created newsreels and documentary films from 1910-1970. Their work is now digitised and you can watch them online. There are a number of their films that completely enchant me. The first film reel of theirs that I truly remember seeing was “The House That Jack Built”. It was projected on the wall of an exhibition I attended on British Folk Art. It was so very British and absolutely hypnotic!

This article was specifically about their “how it’s made” film series. While I’m waiting for a knock at my door, I thought I’d share with you three of my favourites. I especially love how thermoses are made. I’ve got my eyes peeled for an old thermos to make something out of. I’ll know the right one when I see it! These films are fascinating, charming and jolly good fun. I just adore the clothes and the hair. Especially the blue dress the Wedgwood lass is wearing with her hair piled high (she’s painting a coffee pot)!


A Photo Shoot

We woke up early this morning and ran out in the rain to get coffee and go grocery shopping. Everyone in the grocery store seemed to be in a bad mood, maybe it was the weather? It has rained all day without ceasing, but I don’t mind it. The candles are lit, we made a fresh loaf of buttermilk banana bread, tried a new recipe for dinner, drank tea, listened to Christmas music and worked on this:

Jennifer Michie Christmas Shoot 2014

Those objects were the beginning ingredients for our photoshoot that will become our Christmas card this year. I still had the watercolour of the evergreens I did last year, so I cut them out and made a stand for them and decided to make them part of the background. I’m going for a 50s/60s look this year.

You can see my previous designs here:

Christmas Card 2013
The Anatomy of a Christmas Card
A New Years Card
The Christmas Angel (our card for 2012)

{These cards are my original designs, please do not use without permission}

A Summer List

As we neared the end of the school year this Summer, I decided to start putting together our Summer list. Just a few things that we wanted to do over the the coming weeks. We have each added in our own little things to the list as time has gone on and I decided to share a few snippets of it with you. Do you create a Summer list in your house?

1. Go to the Vintage Hemingway Fair in Southbank
2. See the Glamour of the Gods Exhibition
3. Start a crochet project-working on a scarf (✓ I have started working on it)
4. Watch The Goonies on a hot Summer night and eat lots of popcorn
5. Go to the BP Portrait Awards
6. Take a walk through the woods
7. Have plenty of picnics
8. Go to the movies to see Super 8
9. Pick a new cookie recipe out of the Betty Crocker Cooky Book to make
10. Read The Help (the first book on my Summer Reading List, it is by my bedside)

11. Lay in the sunshine and soak in its goodness
12. Take lots of pictures of our adventures

(Image: of Grace Kelly)

A Vintage Day Out

On Saturday, Mr. Michie took me down to Southbank to the Vintage Fair.  We had so much fun, it was like stepping through the looking glass, but instead of ending up in Wonderland, I ended up in the fabulous 1940’s & 50’s.

I didn’t know where to look first, there were amazing stands everywhere. Selling everything from fashion to furniture, to home wares, to accessories. I found a few little surprises and some things to tuck away for Christmas.

There was a stand where you could get your make-up done as a pin-up girl and another stand where you could have your hair pinned up in any decade’s style. There were some stunning looking hairdos walking out of that stand. I was so tempted, but I knew Mr. Michie had been a good sport long enough. So off we headed to walk down by the river and stroll into Covent Garden where a certain French cafe beckoned us to tea on a deliciously sunny afternoon.

P.S. Goose Girl & Foxy came too, go to their blog to read about their adventures….

A Vintage Outing

Vintage Welcome

On Saturday we headed out with the Michie’s to the Vintage Fair in Southend. What a delightful day we had. GiGi & I spied the map as we were approaching and ran over to have a look. I knew for sure I wanted to go on the Carousel!

Foxy CarouselGiGi Queens WalkWe looked around from stall to stall. GiGi was on the hunt for a new kerchief, but she couldn’t find one she liked. I, as you know, love collecting all things “foxy” and spotted a great little plastic treasure. It was a vintage fox toy from the 60’s. So, I am adding him to my collection.

We got very hot walking around, all my fur didn’t help, so, we decided it would be best if we went for a stroll. Jennifer and GiGi wanted to go to Laduree, so happily, we men obliged them.  What a delightful event that was, I couldn’t wait to get through the door, I was licking my whiskers just thinking about it.

GG & Foxy LadureeGiGi had an iced chocolate and I enjoyed 2 lemon & thyme and 1 vanilla macaroon. They were to die for. After that we headed over to the National Portrait Gallery to take in the BP Portrait Awards and then home on the late afternoon train.  What a lovely day spent in good company!

Painted Piggies

This morning I had a little girl time all to myself and got my toes painted! I was in the mood for a coral or a nice peachy tone, but then this color from the OPI “Pirates of the Caribbean” collection, jumped out at me. I would not normally choose this, but I was in a quirky mood and it just fit, I love it:

Color:  Planks A Lot by OPI (Please excuse the chubby piggies)

I am also off to visit this tomorrow, with Mr. Michie. It was just going to be the two of us, but GiGi & Foxy asked if they could come along, so it looks like a double date:

I can’t wait, I plan to bore you with all my pictures next week! Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

Vintage Beauty

Our cottage is a hodge podge of vintage and new items. I have a soft spot for old things. Things that have stood the test of time and may or may not be used for their original purpose in our house. For instance, I have an old bon-bon sweets box that now holds laundry items and another vintage box that was re-purposed by a previous owner to become a tool box, but has now been re-purposed by us as a CD holder.

When I came across this post, it made me smile. I love to see old things gain a new life and not only that, but have a life where they are enjoyed every day and not tucked away. This has inspired me as one of the many things I collect are old linens, I have a few that would look absolutely beautiful on a lamp shade. So, now, I just need to find the right one!

To see Annalea’s complete lampshade how-to click here.