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A Photo Shoot

We woke up early this morning and ran out in the rain to get coffee and go grocery shopping. Everyone in the grocery store seemed to be in a bad mood, maybe it was the weather? It has rained all day without ceasing, but I don’t mind it. The candles are lit, we made a fresh loaf of buttermilk banana bread, tried a new recipe for dinner, drank tea, listened to Christmas music and worked on this:

Jennifer Michie Christmas Shoot 2014

Those objects were the beginning ingredients for our photoshoot that will become our Christmas card this year. I still had the watercolour of the evergreens I did last year, so I cut them out and made a stand for them and decided to make them part of the background. I’m going for a 50s/60s look this year.

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{These cards are my original designs, please do not use without permission}

Christmas Card 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again and I thought I would share my Christmas Card with you. This year I took my inspiration from two very talented ladies. The first being Phoebe Wahl and her beautiful artwork and the second being Mindy Gledhill and her Christmas Album.

I collaged the front of the card with a selection of vintage wrapping paper and card images that I steadily collected and then cut to my desired shape.


The back of the card has a quote from Winter Moon, and a watercolor painting that I did.


I’m really pleased with how the cards turned out and I so enjoyed working on the painting of the forest evergreens that I might just make a card next year based on a painting of mine, but I have plenty of time to think about that!

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{These cards are my original designs, please do not use without permission}

The Anatomy of a Christmas Card

Last year, due to the general craziness of school, the cottage being painted and other things going on, I never mailed out Christmas cards. Instead I made, “Happy New Year” cards in January and mailed those out. Since we were already being non-traditional, we kept it that way and had our design printed up on postcards with envelopes to mail them in.

I had so much fun doing that, that this year, I decided that I would do it again. I created a design to fit on a postcard and this time I had the help of Mr. Michie, Goose Girl & Foxy.

I gathered up a few of my Christmas items, GiGi & Foxy invited over some gnomes and deer to the party and we got to work.

We set up a green screen, laid down “snow” and set up lighting. It was a regular little photography studio we had going on here.

We posed everyone in different positions, until we found one that would work best, after going through all the proofs, we picked a few images to work with and got going.

Through Photoshop, I extracted out the background, placed in an image we found, that seemed to work in harmony with everything else and adjusted the lighting, placed an overlay on the top, to create a frosty feel and added in a “Merry Christmas” banner, drawn by Mr. Michie.

We designed a back for the postcard as well, with a small Christmas message and a vintage picture of Santa. This was a project I truly enjoyed working on and I can’t wait till next year, I already have ideas like sugarplums dancing in my head!!

(My work is my own, please do not use it for your own purposes! Thank you.)

Oh, Deer!

Oh Deer! She, just happened to jump into my hands at the Renegade Craft Fair and I took her home with me. Isn’t she lovely, she traveled all the way from Germany and she is made by hand.

I haven’t picked a name for her yet, but I think it has to be along the lines of Gertie or Heidi or Gretchen….


Homespun Pot Pie

Today we have both been off kilter. We are fighitng off colds and back to school tiredness and so a meal of true comfort was in order. So, tonight I made our first pot pie of the Fall season. It was delicious and Mr. Michie said it was the best I had ever made! We made a turkey pot pie and I decided this time that I would roast the turkey and the celery and carrots instead of my usual sautéing the vegetables and boiling the meat.

I tell you, it had the most wonderful flavours and the turkey was so moist. When I pulled my roasting pan out of the oven, I went to work on making a gravy and when it was almost ready I dumped the cut up meat and vegetables into it, stirring in some beautiful red onions that I had leftover from breakfast the day before and some frozen peas.

The house smelled so delicious. As it baked we worked on making some mashed potatoes which were a wonderful and homey accompaniment to dinner. They were mashed with my favourite French butter, spring onion and cracked black pepper cream cheese, fresh parsley and goat’s milk. They were sinfully divine.

To top it all off, we did something we don’t normally do, we sat on the couch and watched TV while we ate. This has been a long week and so we vegged out and caught up on NCIS. I can’t think of anything better tonight then turkey pot pie and watching the adorable Mark Harmon on TV! Delicious!


Have A Heart

I love these heart garlands that I found on “How About Orange“! They are a great way to use up fabric scraps, an easy sewing project for a beginner and a simple yet effective way to create something beautiful for your home.

A fabric stiffener is used to keep these hearts a fluttering. I looked in my local fabric store this weekend for a fabric stiffener, but they were out. I thought about trying starch but considering I live in a very damp little part of the world, I don’t think that is such a good idea.

Alas, I will just have to wait till they get more in stock. In the mean time I can dream of what fabric I will use and how pretty they will look strung along the mantle or on the bannister going up the stairs, or in my cottage window…

For the How-To go here.

Peppermint Twist

I am longing to be crafting. I have a special little project that I need to finish before Christmas.

But with the cottage packed up at the moment, while some work is completed, I can’t get to my sewing machine. In catching up with The Purl Bee,  I came across this:

What a fantastic idea it is! And, no sewing, so I can make it, if only I could get to my felt…

Click on the image below to learn how to make a candy cane garland for yourself.

I Dream of Storage Space

We live in a very tiny cottage behind a racing green door and as I have an important visitor coming this weekend, I am dreaming of more storage space to put everything up in as I tidy. Who is this important visitor? He is my Dad! I have not seen my parents since Christmas and for me that is a long time.

These are the moments where I truly feel like a pioneer woman, leaving all she knew behind to journey for months on end to reach her destination and her dreams.

But, through that journey she either never had the opportunity to see her family again or the visits were so few and far between, it could have been years before they laid eyes on each other. Thank goodness this pioneer woman has Skype. I can see their beautiful faces everyday and that is better than nothing, I am lucky.

My Dad has been in Europe on business this last week and is stopping on his way home to stay with us, as this is the first time he shall see our Lilliputian cottage, I want everything in tip-top shape! If only I could wiggle my nose as Bewitched’s Samantha and everything I don’t need at the moment could magically disappear!

Alas, that is not to be, so as I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I shall continue to dream of miles and miles of storage space to contain my treasures…

(Image:Anne Taintor)