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The First Week

Barbeque Breakfast 1946 itsbetterthanbad

Although, I had been in last week, learning the ropes, this was the first official week back for everyone at my new school. This afternoon we will celebrate with a staff barbeque and then Mr. Michie is coming to meet me and sweep me off to dinner somewhere nice to celebrate the first official school week for both of us.

I still can’t believe that I am working in such a marvelous place, what a lucky girl I am!

Here’s to the weekend!

{Image: It’s Better Than Bad}

I Made it Through

Well another date to add to the t-shirt, I/we survived the first day back to school. It was great to see my kids and my colleagues. I was tired, but a good tired.

The highlight of my day was going to Costco after work with a girlfriend. Sad, I know, but Costco brings me a measure of happiness and although we are trying to stay healthy and be good, a pack of red velvet cupcakes just jumped into my cart, I couldn’t believe it, but who am I to make them jump back out again, when they risked their lives leaping from the shelf in the first place? I just let them stay there and enjoy the ride.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work we go….

We go back to school today and after such a long break, I am not sure I am ready. I just need a few more days in my house, hanging out, reorganizing and listening to good music with my Christmas lights on.

I can’t bear to take my lights down yet, so they will be up a little while longer, it is so nice as the nights close in early to have the den filled with the twinkle and glow of lights, it makes it a happier space.

We have already completed a few reorganizing projects since we have gotten back from the States. We cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and the drawers. We bought some new storage containers to put things in. It is silly, I know, but when I open my drawers now, they just make me happy because everything is in its place. I also de-cluttered one section of my closet and have items to use as dust rags, items to be turned into a sewing project and items that are going to Oxfam.

We tried a new pizza dough recipe Sunday night and it was delicious. I found it on the Annie’s Eats blog and is definitely going in our repertoire of dough recipes. Mr. Michie liked it so much, he cut the crust off a piece, just to eat the crust, he never does that!

I have a few things planned this week, that should make it fly by, but I am already ready for Friday night again, when I can just be with Mr. Michie. I am going to have to wear my pajamas inside out and do a snow dance and pray hard for at least one snow day this term, I am going to need it! Just to have one more day, curled up under blankets with my twinkle lights, Christmas music and a hot chocolate.

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Almost There

Well, it is Thursday today, which means that tomorrow is Friday and we are almost at the weekend. I can’t wait! This week of going back to school has been busy beyond belief, there is so much to do and my to-do list keeps getting longer. But, that is alright, I will get it all accomplished.

This weekend, I am going to attack the rest of the house that I haven’t already attacked and finish unpacking from our Summer trip home. We are still living out of a suitcase, partly because, I am always sad for a little while when I have to leave my family to come home again and partly because we have been so busy doing other things around the house that we haven’t gotten to it yet. But, again, that is alright, we will get it all accomplished.

The one big thing, I hope to get accomplished this weekend is buying some plants for my little garden, it is looking very sad at the moment and my little garden never looks sad. The weather has changed, it is cool in the evenings, hot during the day, it is “Indian Summer” weather. I am hoping to get a couple of flats of fall colored pansies, at the market, as they always look so pretty in the pots and maybe a mum or too, such a happy little plant. It is just a carpet of flowers.

I am ready for fall, I am ready for pumpkins and crunchy leaves and spiced cider and candles lit everywhere and chilly eves and witch’s moons and golden sunsets and the smell of a wood fire permeating the nighttime air. I am ready.

The First of September

Oh, the First of September! Where did you come from? It seems only yesterday I walked out of school with the sun on my back, heading toward vacation and Summer with open arms.

August brought a visit home to see new places, to see my family, a baby shower for my sister, shopping, eating, eating tomatoes that actually tasted like a tomato! August brought, getting to talk to my mom in person instead of skype, getting to see my dad every day. Getting to play with Maisy, the cutest dog in the world!

August brought suntan lotion and heat and skin warmed by the sun as you swam in the pool. August brought one hospital trip for me after a really bad case of food poisoning, where my dad was still my dad, no matter how old I am and held my hand as they tried to start an IV. It brought my first trip to the Wakarusa Dime Store, home of the famous GIANT JELLY BEANS, where my mom and I tasted almost every flavor and I got to see her beautiful smile and laugh.

August brought a road trip from Indiana to Viriginia, where I drove past Upper Sandusky, movie “home” to Doris Day. August brought me having to tell my family goodbye, to watch their beautiful faces as they waved and blew kisses from the other side of the ticket gate. I hate August, I love August. I am so blessed for the time I had, but I am ready to see them again.

School starts on Tuesday and I am not sure I am really ready for it, this time around. I still feel worn out from being sick and flying, but Tuesday will come whether I am ready or not and so this new school year shall begin.

Mr. Michie and I went out yesterday to run a few errands and the sun was out, but it was cool and breezy, the light is changing, Autumn is on her way. It won’t be long before we turn our clocks back and the night creeps in faster and more candles are lit in the cozy cottage behind the racing green door.

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Dazed and Confused

“Dazed and Confused”, is how I feel some days, how I feel most mornings as I tumble into the shower and also the title of one of my favorite movies!

If you haven’t seen it, please go out and get it! It takes place over the course of one day in 1976, one very important day: THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! It follows the lives of high school students, as juniors become seniors and jr. high students become the new freshmen.

The cast includes among other greats the wonderful and delicious to look at, Mr. Matthew McConaughey! The music is perfect. The clothes are fantastic! The cars are cool!

It is the perfect movie to watch on the last day of school, on the beginning of summer, on the eve of freedom and that is exactly what we did!

It was drizzling last night, so we couldn’t go outside for movie night, we just changed our plans and put the screen up in the house instead. Rigged the projector up on the couch, on top of a box my mom had sent me a package in. These are the days I know my grandpa is smiling at me, because it was some kind of crazy ingenious concoction he would have rigged and it worked!

We closed the curtains, turned off the lights, got our rice krispy treats ready and ice cold coke-colas and sat down to enjoy!

It was perfect! We had so much fun, we are going to do it again tonight and as soon as we have nice weather we are planning a little movie night in our parking lot with our neighbors, we are already going back and forth on what the first movie to watch should be, we are leaning toward something old and classic! Stay away rain, because I am ready for a movie night under the stars!

Hug Me!

The first week back to school after going away is always a tough one, in that you normally, or at least we normally don’t stick to a schedule. We will stay up later than usual chatting over a cup of tea, watching a movie, playing a game.

So going back to such a hectic routine can be tiring and by the middle of the week, I am feeling it, so when I spotted this today over at SwissMiss, I just smiled!

I could use a coke machine that I hugged and a got little can of coke back out of it, because that is just happiness!