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Happy New Year’s Eve

Here we stand on the cusp of a New Year. So much has happened in these past 365 days and also so little. To say goodbye to one year and to greet the next is at times a bittersweet process. But we stand ready and waiting for what this next year has in store.

May this coming year hold beauty for us all. Wishing you love and light as we kiss this past year goodbye and open our arms in greeting to the new one about to dawn.

{Detail from 1956 Cadillac advertisement. Art by Jon Whitcomb Found HERE}

The In-Between

I cherish the pace of these in-between days. I treasure this time between Christmas and New Years. The time to be, when days seem to stretch out in front of you. These are precious days indeed, that do not come often. 

We have enjoyed each other’s company, gone for long strolls, read, cobbled together sandwiches from leftovers, watched a plethora of old movies, listened to Christmas music, basked in the glow of the Christmas lights and have just generally been happy to be. 

The days are moving a bit too quickly for me now, I’m nowhere near ready for our Christmas break to come to end. But, I’m taking pleasure from being in the moment and drinking in all it has to offer. 

These days, these in-between days, hold so much and so little. These days, these heady days, hold so much magic in their offering.

{Image by Fritz Baumgarten // Pinned HERE}

Merry Christmas

🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎄

May this season fill you with love and light. And may you be surrounded by family, friends, laughter and warmth today and always.

Warmest wishes to you all. x

{Rosemary Clooney, 1952 // Pinned HERE}

Winter Solstice

❄️ Happy Winter Solstice! ❄️

We were greeted by the sunrise over the water this morning and the sun has stayed out as the day has progressed, which has been a first for us in a little while. The air is crisp and clean. Our walk was full of woodland creatures and there is a magic in the air.

Happy Yule!

{Interior illustration from The Shortest Day, by Susan Cooper, illustration by Carson Ellis // Image taken from an article on the NPR HERE // Carson Ellis website HERE}

HELLO, December

Hello, December! We’ve already felt the crisp chill in the air that you bring and it is heavenly! We’re ready for the magic that you hold in this most glorious of seasons. We’re ready for hot chocolate and quiet early mornings in the dark where we softly listen to Christmas music and let the morning unfold as it will.

We’re ready for late nights by the glow of the Christmas tree lights to watch old movies while we feast on popcorn . We’re ready to work on our Christmas puzzles and play endless games of Scrabble. We’re ready for the stillness that you bring as the world darkens and quiets.

We’re ready for school to come to a close for the year and the breathing space that brings. We’re ready for the mile high coconut cake that Christmas will deliver and the fact that a piece or two might get eaten for breakfast alongside a fresh cup of coffee.

We’re ready for holiday baking and the house to smell of gingerbread. We’re ready for frosty morning walks where the breeze bites our cheeks and we stop to watch the waves roll in and maybe spot a seal or two. We’re ready for all that you hold and have to offer and the enchanting feeling that hangs in the air like mist.

{Snow at a Shrine Entrance, Kawase Hasui, 1929 // Found HERE}