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Seventeen years ago, on a balmy Saturday afternoon, I walked down an aisle to join you and we’ve been walking together ever since. Here’s to seventeen more years of being side by side.

{Jane Fonda & Robert Redford in a publicity still for Barefoot in the Park, 1967 // Pinned HERE}


Hello, May! We’re ready for you to bring us more sunshine and usher in a few warmer days here and there. We’re ready for sun kissed blueberries to start arriving on the farm stand so we can gobble them up by the handfuls while we read our books. 

We’re ready to be greeted by the beginning of the heirloom tomato season at the green grocers so we can feast on our first delicious BLTs of the year on homemade bread while the juice runs down our chins. 

We’re ready for evening to draw in a little slower so we can keep the windows open longer. We’re ready for hot cups of coffee on the beach in the early hours when the world belongs just to us, as we watch the waves roll in. 

{Strawberry Bouquet, Becca Stadtlander // Pinned HERE}