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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I hope your evening is filled with more treats than tricks! Ours will be filled with steaming bowls of butternut squash and beef chili (one of our favourites!), topped with sour cream, homemade pickled veggies and cheese. And for dessert, a wickedly delicious chocolate and orange cake with luscious amounts of frosting. It goes without saying that we’ll be watching Hocus Pocus, which will be preceded by It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Is it even Halloween if the marvellous arrangements by Vince Guaraldi aren’t heard while the Peanuts gang go trick-or-treating?

Watch out for witches flying over this most hallowed of full moons! A full moon actually falling on Halloween only happens once every 18 to 19 years. This full moon also happens to be a rare blue moon. It will be the first time that a Halloween full moon will be visible across the entire world since 1944! That feels auspicious!

So here’s to goblins and witches and magic and candy and pumpkins and revelry under the light of the full Hunter’s moon.

I hope that this Halloween finds you all safe and well. 🎃

{“The Halloween Party” (1974), by Lonzo Anderson, illustration by Adrienne Adams found HERE // Pinned HERE}

HELLO, October

Hello, October! We’re ready for leaves crunching underfoot and crisp mornings where we take our cup of coffee down to the beach and watch the waves roll in.

We’re ready for more hikes, down to the waterfall and along the stream and then up to our favourite point, where a bench sits nestled next to the pasture and overlooks the water, where we will feast on apples and cheese and baguettes in the cool of an autumn day.

We’re ready for bowls of Halloween candy dotted around the house and crispy sausages with mashed potatoes for dinner on rainy evenings. And curling up and watching a favourite Halloween movie.

We’re ready for quiet moments to do nothing but be and listen to an album from start to finish; really listen to it. We’re ready to spend afternoons reading with bowls of popcorn and warm apple cider by our sides, taking breaks to wander over to the kitchen table and put a puzzle piece or two in.

We’re ready for all that you have to offer in this bewitching month.

{Julie London, Halloween pin-up theme. From her gatefold album “Calendar Girl”, 1956 HERE // Pinned HERE}