Month: September 2020 (page 1 of 1)

The Spell Is Broken

As if the world has been holding its breath, the clocks began again, the spell is broken and another school year comes rushing at us. I’m never ready, but this year in particular, I’m finding it harder.

The house has had a nice rhythm. All the work has gotten done, all the meetings have been had, scrabble has been endlessly played in the backgrounds and afternoon breaks with bowls of yoghurt topped with heaps of fresh summer berries and homemade peanut butter granola have been feasted on with the windows open wide and the breeze blowing the curtains. 

We’ve celebrated holidays, anniversaries and birthdays over this time period. We’ve lingered over our cups of coffee and our daily crossword puzzle in the morning, while music transported us somewhere else. There has been a steadiness in the haze that has been happening all around us. We’ve known for a long time what we wanted and the Covid lockdown has only clarified that even further. 

We enter this new school year with an even deeper dedication of making more of our dreams written on paper come to life. 

{Cinderella by Nadezhda Illarionova // Pinned HERE}

HELLO, September

Hello, September. We’re not quite done with summer yet, but here you are, our feet tumbling toward you. As we move into these late summer days we’re going to savour what is left of this golden time. The light is changing, school is starting and the leaves are beginning to float down to the sidewalk.

Even though we aren’t quite done with summer, we are ready for crispy morning strolls that melt into warm days and then slip back into cool nights. We’re ready for fall picnics in the meadows, feasting on crunchy apples, and weekend walks along the coastal path.

We’re being open to what you bring us this month as we return to school and a new routine. It is going to look very different this year. But we will adapt, as we always do. And we’re going to hold on a little longer to what is left of the laid back pace of summer as we move into the rushing rhythm of autumn and back to school life.

{Late Summer Garden, Lore Pemberton // Pinned HERE}