Month: January 2020 (page 1 of 1)

Friday Funk

It’s windy, there’s a fine misty rain swirling around in the air, which will end up soaking you just as much as a downpour would and it’s chilly outside. But more importantly it’s Friday!

I’m in a 70s funk kind of mood this morning and I have been listening to tidbits from different albums while working.

This Donald Byrd song has all the 1970s feels and one of the greatest album covers to boot. Here’s to Friday! Here’s to grooving and shaking into the day and here’s to the weekend! Long may it last!

Monday Morning Vibes

January is passing us by all too quickly for my liking. My opportunities to visit here have been few. I’m hoping that changes with the onset of February.

We hit the ground running into this New Year. I’ve been busy organizing, cleaning and decluttering small areas here and there. I don’t mind the bareness of space. We’re savouring all the quiet moments that we can. I’m not wishing winter away yet. I like each season to have it’s time and place. I’m enjoying winter on the coast. I love watching the sea rolling in calmness, crashing in anger and changing colour with its mood. There is a power and an awe to her beauty.

Today has been misty, rainy and damp. Patsy Cline is crooning in the background, a cup of tea is steeping next to me, a loaf of bread is rising on the counter and my candles are lit. I’m attempting to ease into the week.

After working through the morning, I’m now patiently waiting for a glass delivery to arrive. I’m taking an evening stained glass class this winter. I had my idea narrowed down to three designs, then two and the design that made the final cut, simply came down to being able to find the glass colours that I wanted to use. It will be more of a contemporary design with the focus being on colour and a play on movement. I’m excited to see the glass in person as I was having to do my best in choosing my colours from online websites. So fingers crossed they will all work as I have envisioned them.

Here’s to the week! Let it be a good one!