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Skating into the Weekend!

Today is the last day of school before Christmas and the anticipation is palpable! I plan to soak up every drop of this Christmas break with my loved ones.

We’re skating into the weekend and into the holidays and I can’t WAIT!

* I don’t know what it is? I often wonder if I was born in the wrong era, but there is something about these old Christmas specials that just touch my heart. I think they were quite spectacular. It was like having a little piece of Broadway brought to you in your living room. I can remember repeats of these shows being played on TV when I was little and watching it with my grandparents and I was completely mesmerised by it all.

Happy Santa Lucia Day!

Happy Santa Lucia Day!

This morning on one of my most treasured December days, we feasted on iced danishes by the glow of candlelight and listened to Christmas music. It was dark outside and the wind was howling, but inside it was cozy, magical and was a wondrous way to start our Friday.

Happy St. Lucia Day to you all! May a light guide your way today and always. ❤️

HELLO, December!

Hello, December! We’re ready for hot chocolate topped with swirls of whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon. For twinkle lights and Christmas trees and evening closing in sooner. For frosty mornings and holiday baking and present shopping and candles glowing. For Christmas music and quiet nights and feasting on homemade gingerbread cookies with steaming cups of tea. We’re ready for snowflakes and magic and wishes and getting to see family and friends near and far. Our arms are wide open to receive all that you have to offer.

{Image ELLE, 1962 // Pinned HERE}