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I have a secret! Mr. Michie surprised me on Valentine’s by telling me he was taking me to our beloved city for a short break! I almost passed out with delight! We bundled up and walked through the snow to some of our favourite places and made some new discoveries along the way too. We ate delicious food, lit candles in our apartment and watched the river go by at night. It was very hygge!

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 1

Our view of the river.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 2

Le Gourmand on Værnedamsvej. This street is the “mini Paris” of Copenhagen.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 3

Blomsterskuret, the most amazing flower shop. Also located on Værnedamsvej.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 4

Tulips for sale at Blomsterskuret.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 5

Snow laden branches.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 6

A walk in the snow.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 7

Lunch at the Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 8

Physichromie 497, Carlos Cruz-Diez at the Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 9

A different way to view the world, Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 10

Juicy Burger Order.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 11

Juicy Burger potatoes.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 12

Brisket, sweet pickles and mac ‘n cheese at Warpigs.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 13

Hushpuppies with pimento cheese at Warpigs.

Louisiana Museum
Juicy Burger


Peter Huntoon A Day in Vermont

In talking with someone today, they shared with me that they felt I was brave. I waved it off politely, for I don’t see myself that way, but she reiterated to me that I was. I thanked her and our conversation carried on.

Her words stayed with me this afternoon. Brave means different things to different people. We don’t often look at ourselves in those terms, but the more I thought about it and I mean this is no conceded way, I thought to myself, “Yes! Yes! I am brave!”

As we move into this season of Lent, a time for reflection, I am making a personal stand and a bold choice. With the love and support of my family, I’m stepping on to the path of a new adventure. With eyes wide, I’m excited, nervous and very ready.

Head held high, I’m taking my leap.


Hello? It’s Me!

James Corden is an extremely funny and talented man. I think we have watched one of his latest “Carpool Karaoke” videos at least a dozen times. I wish I was in the backseat of this car ride! What a HOOT!