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Copenhagen: Tivoli

Jennifer Michie Tivoli 1

Our latest Copenhagen adventure was filled with long walks, delicious food, art and of course a trip to Tivoli. Everywhere we went, candles were lit and pumpkins glowed; it was so cozy. The weather was frosty, the air was brisk – it truly felt like fall.

Once again, we were awed by the magic of the park. It was entirely decked out for Halloween. Hay bales and pumpkins were everywhere! Rides had even been transformed for the festive season and each of the many restaurants were in on the act with their own ghostly decorations.

Jennifer Michie Tivoli 2

Little Halloween huts were dotted around, selling Halloween goodies; delicious food, hot chocolate and freshly fried doughnuts. I treated Mr. Michie to a hot dog (his favourite) and he bought me an adorable black satin witch’s hat to wear for Halloween.

Jennifer Michie Tivoli 4

Normally, we just stroll through the grounds and don’t go on the rides, but this time we bought tickets at a kiosk and went on the ‘Flying Trunk‘ ride, which is based around a collection of Hans Christian Andersen’s stories. It was adorable! This was my one blurry snap of The Little Mermaid:

Jennifer Michie Tivoli 3

As the sun went down and day turned to night, the lights slowly came on and scarecrow pumpkins glowed everywhere. Tivoli is such a magical place!

Jennifer Michie Tivoli 5

Jennifer Michie Tivoli 6

Mr. Michie and I headed back to our apartment filled with the spirit of Halloween.


Jennifer Michie Munchkin

Well, I spoke too soon yesterday! Just as I was walking into the grocery store, they were setting up a giant Halloween display that included rows and rows of munchkins. So, of course one of those munchkins jumped off the shelf and into my cart. He knew he needed to come home to the cottage with me.

Happy Friday!


Jennifer Michie Pinterest Pumpkins

I have pumpkins on the brain lately. Although I’ve yet to find one for the cottage this year. The grocery store ones have all been very sad and on the verge of rotting and the farmer’s markets haven’t had any. I can’t even find a munchkin! Oh well, I have been pinning a lot of pumpkins on Pinterest instead!

  1. Pumpkin Patch // Matt Matches
  2. Rows of Pumpkins // Cozy Holiday Corner
  3. Wheelbarrow Pumpkins // Hannah Queen
  4. The Colors of Autumn // Fleaing France
  5. A Golden Flecked Orb // Crispy Autumn Air

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Tom Ford S/S 2016

Not that he needs my opinion, but skipping the runways for his Spring/Summer 2016 collection and doing a music video with Lady Gaga instead, was an incredibly smart move. Of course it would be, this is Tom Ford, we’re talking about here.

Lady Gaga is such an incredibly talented artist. I would have been thrilled to have had the chance to see her and Tony Bennett, perform at the Jazz Festival in Copenhagen this year. Now, that would have been a treat!

I loved the original version of this song and I’m enraptured with this remix too. So, here’s a little something to pep up your Wednesday, I can’t get it out of my head.


Jennifer Michie Maisy

Quiet. That is how I feel lately. Quiet. My family suffered another loss last weekend, this time of the four-legged kind. We lost an angel. I know that everyone feels this way about their pets, but this wasn’t a pet, this was a family member.

We got her just before Christmas when I was home from College and after the holidays, everyone went back to work and it was just me and her. We were buddies. We had almost 13 wonderful years with her.

On her punky days, the fur behind her ears smelled like popcorn. She was a people person, she preferred two legs to four. She was most content when you would just sit with her and she would often call break time when you were busy cleaning the house. Butting you in the leg with her head to tell you it was time to sit with her for a while.

She saved my dad’s life when he had pneumonia, she wouldn’t leave my mom’s side when she was unwell, you would physically have to carry her outside to go to the bathroom, because she refused to leave the room. She was always chief of security and would make her rounds to ensure everything was well. She loved candy. She loved laying in the sunshine, her long eyelashes resting on closed lids with her gentle little face turned to the sun as she sat sphinx style.

She loved children. She would sulk when suitcases came out and would often lie down inside them, daring you to start packing it. She loved visitors and hated when you left. She was so many things, but most of all she was a furry comfort, a four-legged friend. She had been through moves, deaths and births with us. She kept her wings hidden, but we knew they were there. She’s left her paw print on our hearts and for that we will forever be grateful. I’m reminded of this, which I shared long ago, but wanted to share again today, Lessons From Lucy.

Ai Weiwei

Jennifer Michie Ai WeiWei 1

Last Saturday, we went to see Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy. We got there about thirty minutes before the doors were due to open, affording us time to look at and sit amongst his Tree sculptures that now fill the Royal Academy’s courtyard. The piece offers a calm and somewhat uncomplicated introduction to his work. One that is in stark contrast to many of the pieces currently housed inside the Royal Academy’s walls.

Jennifer Michie Ai WeiWei 2 Jennifer Michie Ai WeiWei 3

The doors opened at 10:00am. We collected our tickets and headed straight into the show. Each room offered a specific insight into Ai’s life and work – celebrating his use of found materials; his creative originality in blending the old with the new; and putting front and centre his will to challenge the establishment that has for so long sought to suppress his views.

Walking out and mulling what we had observed over lunch, it was evident that Ai’s work had profoundly affected the both of us. Each piece was a statement and a question. Through wood, iron, porcelain, marble, and many other materials Ai made us question our place in the world.

Jennifer Michie Ai WeiWei 4

In particular we were both struck by his piece ‘Straight’. Constructed from reclaimed rebar from the damaged school buildings, following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the piece is a powerful symbol. Weighing in at 150 tonnes it is a poignant reminder of the strength and solidarity of the Sichuan people following the massacre. It is a also testament to Ai’s own endeavours to seek answers for the parents and families of the children killed due to the poor construction of the school buildings.

Jennifer Michie Ai Weiwei 5

This was the tip of the iceberg. Not one piece in the exhibition is superficial – to be taken at face value. Each room implores you to engage with Ai’s story. And it is a deeply meaningful one; fraught with the scars of persecution.

Jennifer Michie Ai Weiwei 6

{Guest post by Mr. Michie // Photos by Mrs. Michie}