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A Melted Popsicle

Jennifer Michie Popsicle Stick

It is very hot here today. Even for a girl from the South. As I was walking to the tube station after work, I passed this wooden popsicle stick sitting in a pool of melted orange popsicle juice. It just struck me in a funny kinda way. It feels like a melted popsicle kinda day. That wooden stick in a puddle of orange, just summed it all up for me.


Jennifer Michie Pears

The pears at the market yesterday were so beautiful, I couldn’t help but take a picture. They were perfectly ripe and their heady scent was the only perfume in the sultry June air.

The Darkroom

Jennifer Michie Darkroom

Today is my first darkroom day of the week. I was working with a few different classes doing pinhole cameras. While waiting for a group to come back and develop, I snapped this photo. I love the glow that the red lights were giving off. I was bathed in almost a pinkish hue. I love the fact that the camera on my phone can’t quite compensate for the glow and you get this wild almost surreal photo of the light.

Happy Father’s Day


Over the last few years there has been a serious wave of superhero movies. Maybe it is because we are living in a time where we desire the need for a superhero to make us feel safe. Maybe there has always been this need to know that we have a guardian looking out for us and he/she takes their manifestation in the guise of a superhero figure. I think that superheroes do exist and walk amongst us. I think that for the most part they are the every man; but to someone or some people in particular there is nothing every day about them.

That is the case with my dad. He is my superhero. He is one of the hardest working men that I know. Yet, he still appreciates the little things. He stops to watch a sunset, a deer cross through a cornfield, the birds eating seeds from one of the feeders. He always compliments my mom and my sister and I (even though we are married ladies). He’s a wonderful chef. He makes the best cheeseburgers known to man and his lasagna and meatballs are to die for! He is a non-complainer; a gentlemen through and through. He has a tender heart, but a strong will.

Not everyone is blessed with a dad like mine, not everyone is blessed with a superhero. I’m lucky; I am.

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you.


Jennifer Michie Berries

Fresh berries, with lemon zest and a sprinkle of sugar. Ready to be stirred and ladled over fresh shortcakes and whipped cream. Shortcakes just say Summer to a girl from the South.


Jennifer Michie Roses 1 Jennifer Michie Roses 2 Jennifer Michie Roses 3

The roses were in full bloom this weekend at Regent’s Park. We ate breakfast in the Japanese Garden and then went for a walk amongst the roses in all their heady lushness.