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Curtis Harding

There is a magic to Curtis Harding. When I first heard this song, I thought it was “Old School”, it has that rhythm. It has the rhythm of a classic, you know what I mean?

The first time I heard it, it was a Saturday morning and I had the radio on while I was folding laundry. I believe I heard it on BBC Radio 6, while listening to The Huey Morgan Show (I love his program and if I’m at home, it is normally my Saturday musical listening choice, as he always has an eclectic playlist). It might have been another station, I don’t remember, it’s not important anyway. The important thing is that I just remember that I stopped folding and sat back and listened and smiled.

This song makes me happy! I hope it makes you happy too!

“M&M” Date Night #1

The Goonies Poster 1985

As I mentioned in my previous post, this weekend, we decided to try a new Date Night plan of action: “M&M Date Night”. The M&M equals “Movie and Menu”. We want to try and do this at least twice a month and simply put, we plan to create a menu around a movie.

We started off the first of many “M&M” date nights with a childhood favourite, a classic really: The Goonies. We decided to go with homemade pizza and ice cream since that is one of Chunk’s favourite things to eat! The party lights were on and candles were lit.

Jennifer Michie Party Lights

While I was busy making pizza dough (I used my go-to recipe from Annie’s Eats, although I have made a few tweaks of my own to it), Mr. Michie found a “Which Goonies Character Are You?” quiz and we took that. I got Mikey:

You Got Mikey

He got Sloth:

You Got Sloth

I’m not sure what that says about us? We went with Italian sausage, mushroom and feta as our pizza toppings. Although Mr. Michie was sans mushrooms and just ate a manly carnivore pizza. It totally hit the spot and for dessert, we made ice cream sundaes with caramel sauce, chopped pecans, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream and cherries all piled high. It was a really fun way to spend a date night and we plan to do many many more!

Jennifer Michie Goonies Pizza

So, here’s to date night, long may it last! GOONIES, NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!

Out of Commission

Vintage Photo Sleeping

Since this time last week, I have been pretty much out of commission! I got a terrible bug and it zapped all of my energy right along with it! I did attempt to go into work on Wednesday. I stayed about two hours and then had to leave, I came home and slept the afternoon away.

This weekend, I finally started to feel like myself again. We stayed in the cottage this weekend and Mr. Michie and I decided to try a new “Date Night” scheme. In the run-up to Valentine’s, I had read a “Valentine’s Day Menus” post on Shutterbean. In the article, she mentions pairing menus with particular movies. This is something we have done before, but we decided that we would start to make a game out of it and attempt to do it at least twice a month.

Last night was our first “M&M Date Night”. The M&M = Movie & Menu. It was a success, we kept it simple, since I was still on the mend. I’ll share more tomorrow, but for now, I just wanted to say, “Hello!”. I’ve missed coming to this space and I’m happy to be back in action.

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The First of March

Four Leaf Clover

It’s March already. How can that be? Time is moving too quickly and I’m too caught up in what I have to do, instead of what I really want to do. Hopefully, that will change soon, I’m working hard at finding balance!

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