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A Mountain Range of Paint

As we moved into the Easter Break, one of the things on my To-Do list was to scrape back the oil paint from the palettes so we could re-use them once we return to school.

There is something satisfying about scraping all of the paint off, by this point it has become almost gooey, gummy even. As I smeared it across some newspaper to wipe my knife clean, I happened to look down and noticed all the little waves and crests and ridges that had formed. It was my own little ocean or mountain range of oil paint.

The way one color moved into the next, pattern but no pattern, rhythm and flow. It made me smile, it was almost a miniature work of art in itself.

Jennifer Michie Oil Paint 1 Jennifer Michie Oil Paint 2 Jennifer Michie Oil Paint 3

“M&M” Date Night #2

Murphy's Romance Movie Poster 1985

Last night we had an impromptu date night and watched Murphy’s Romance. One of my favorites! James Garner, Sally Field, Carole King doing the theme song! If all of this isn’t a winning combination, I don’t know what is?

Murphy's Romance Still

It was a naughty food “M&M” night. We had “Murphy’s” Chili over fries and chocolate – all chocolate coke floats!

It was a nice way to finish off the weekend.

Jennifer Michie Chili

I know I’ve posted this clip before, but I just love it:

A London Saturday

We had some errands to run on Saturday.  So, we got up early and left the house not long before seven.

We stopped off for breakfast:

Jennifer Michie Toast

Strolled by Lina’s to look at the giant candy Easter Eggs in the window:

Jennifer Michie Lina's Easter

And just happened upon this fella:

Jennifer Michie Fox

I love when errands become lazy strolls, walking hand in hand down almost deserted streets. It’s as if all of London belongs to you, or at least a small slice of it.

March Morning

Jennifer Michie March Morning

Spring is trying very hard to peek through the veil of Winter. The daffodils are starting to push their green arms forth through the damp soil. The trees are ripe with tight blossoms, unfolding little by little each day. There have been some warm days here and there, but the mornings remain cool.

This morning was frosty. My breath puffed out in big plumes over my head, as I walked to the station. The world around me shrouded in a fine mist. It would have been a perfect morning to grab some coffee and just go for a walk. I love mornings like this, there is always an air of mystery and magic to the world, as the bright green leaves, moss and grasses of Spring nudge their heads out from the heavy curtain of Winter.

Happy Pi Day!

Jennifer Michie Pi Day 2015 1

Happy Pi Day! We’re nerds and we’re okay with that, so today we made a pie. This year’s choice was a black bottom oatmeal pie that I saw on Smitten Kitchen this week. I made a few changes, as I used my favourite pie crust recipe and I took her substitution suggestion of switching karo syrup for golden syrup as I always keep that in the pantry. Karo syrup is not always the easiest thing to find here.

It was scrumptious! After a late dinner date we came home and had a slice with some ice cream! Heaven!

Jennifer Michie Pi Day 2015 2

Hey Ethel!

1960s Girls on a Balcony

“Hey Ethel?”

“Yes, Francine?”

“It’s Friday!”

“I know Francine! With our high stacked bouffants we’re ready for a night out on the town!”

“Here’s to the weekend, long may it last Ethel.”

“I’ll drink to that!”

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