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Brown Paper Packages

Jennifer Michie Brown Paper Packages

Brown paper packages, tied up with string. These are a few of my favourite things! I was humming that line as I wrapped a loaf of freshly baked banana bread up with parchment paper and hunter green gingham ribbon this morning. The first of many baked goodies that are being delivered to friends old and new.

Brewer Street

Jennifer Michie Brewer Street

I use a number of shortcuts streets when I’m traveling around central London. One of my favourite is Brewer Street. I had an errand to run tonight on Carnaby Street, then I slipped through Kingly Court to pick up some wonton soup for us at Cha Cha Moon and finally I headed to Whole Foods to grab a couple of things on my way home. Brewer Street was my cut through.

My favourite Italian Deli, Lina’s, is on Brewer Street as well as a sweet ice cream parlour. It’s one of those great streets, you know? The brick, the colours, the buildings. It’s the kind of street that looks like it could have been on an album cover in the 70s or 80s, with Bob Dylan walking down the middle of the road or something along those lines.

It always looks pretty, but there is a magic to it at Christmas. I snapped a picture of the twinkle lights overhead as I waited to cross the street tonight. It made me smile. Here’s to finding joy in the little things and here’s to the weekend, long may it last.

Submarine Sandwich

Well, PES has done it again! I first mentioned them here a few years ago. I discovered him while searching for engaging stop motion animation clips to show some students. Boy, did I hit a home run with this guy!

His follow up to Western Spaghetti, was Fresh Guacamole, it is a super duper adorable, marvelous, and incredibly innovative piece of film making.

PES’ new film, Submarine Sandwich, is just as overwhelmingly astounding. They simply get more and more sophisticated with each film, yet it still retains it’s charm!

Winter Sunrise

Jennifer Michie Sunrise

It was freezing again when I left the house this morning. The wind almost knocked me over. By the time I got to school the sun was just starting to peek over the rooftops. A glorious sunrise turned into a very overcast day, but that doesn’t matter, for I was blessed to see a new dawn.

First Frost

Jennifer Michie First Frost

The moon still stood high in the coal black morning sky as I headed to work this morning. It peered out from a mist of clouds to give an almost greenish glow. My breath hung in front of me and under the glow of street lamps the metal railings sparkled where the frost had taken hold.

I’ve stayed bundled up at work today as I can’t seem to shake off the chill that’s in the air. It truly feels that Winter has arrived in all of her artic frosty glory. It feels like December and I love it!

A Chilly Morning

It was cold this morning. The wind whipped my hair around my face as I walked to the train station in the dark. This is the first morning that it has remained dark for the majority of my journey into work. Now and then I would see glimpses of a lit window or the light from another train passing us, illuminating the arch of the trees and highlighting the tracks beside us, before the world returned to obscurity. It felt almost like a Dickensian winter morning outside. I could appreciate the feeling that the glow of a candlelit window promised after traveling for so long in the blackness of shadows.

The air was fresh and clean coming off of the river this morning and as chilly as it was I decided to take a longer walk to work. It made my cheeks turn pink and my nose run, but I was so happy. My detour route takes me by some hidden gems. The air smelled of pine needles as I passed by a row of houses. There were piles of branches on the curb that were the shaved off remnants of Christmas trees. Shorn around the base to fit inside their tree stand. There were still plenty of leaves underfoot that crackled and crunched as I walked over them. Unusually, I passed no one for ages, it was bliss, the world was simply mine.

The First Sunday of Advent

Vintage Baubles

The house has been filled with the sounds of Christmas music today. The candles are lit, the pumpkin pie has been baked, fresh vanilla whipped cream is in the fridge and the turkey is in the oven along with carrots which are roasting in an orange juice and brown sugar glaze.

The mashed potatoes are being kept warm and the stuffing and other sides are in their final stages as well. We are celebrating Thanksgiving today. Work has kept us from celebrating it sooner as Mr. Michie had a late school night on Thursday and a school commitment yesterday as well. So today is our Thanksgiving with each other. We have had a quiet day, which is something that doesn’t happen often, I have loved it!

On this first Sunday of Advent we are celebrating love, family, a roof over our heads, food on our table and the blessings of the Season.

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