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Springing Forward

Tyrus Wong Bambi 1

Last night we pushed our clocks forward and don’t ask me why 1 hour has made such a difference to our day, but it has. We are like zombies today! This weekend, has truly felt Spring like. We went for a long walk in Regent’s Park yesterday and you could definitely tell that the sunshine had drawn everyone outside to play. Living in England you have to soak up the sun every chance you get! If the sun has come out to play you better take advantage of it for you don’t know when it will be back!

The baby ducklings were out and we watched them with their mamas paddle around in the lake. The trees were full of blossoms and the bulbs were in full bloom, the sky was a perfect robin’s egg blue and the sunshine streamed down through the tree branches. In essence, it felt like Spring. Springtime makes me think of Bambi. I recently read a beautiful post on the Colossal Blog about the highly talented Tyrus Wong.

Born in China in 1910, his family emigrated to the United States when he was 9 years old. His teachers noticed his artistic talent and continued to encourage and nurture it. Which eventually led to a career in Hollywood. From 1938 – 1941 he worked for Disney as an inspirational sketch artist. It was his pastel sketches of the forest that served as the inspiration for Bambi.

Tyrus Wong Bambi 2 Tyrus Wong Bambi 3

All artists put their own spin on their work. I believe that you can see the artistic influence of his Chinese heritage within his work. Notice how the boughs of the tree are drawn and the rocks are placed. It is almost as if he has drawn a highly stylized Oriental garden design. I know it appears more Japanese in style than Chinese, but I can see a fusion of Asian culture and design.

Tyrus Wong Bambi 4

Today Mr. Wong, still lives in California. He is 103 years old. The artists that worked for Disney past and present never cease to amaze me. But for me, their is a nostalgia to the older artists, the likes of Mary BlairEyvind Earle and Tyrus Wong. There is magic in their drawings.

To read the full article on Colossal click HERE.

Radiohead, Film Editing & The Weekend

I am a Radiohead fan. I have an old concert t-shirt of theirs I stole from Mr. Michie many many moons ago, it is perfectly soft. He is an even bigger Radiohead fan and so he smiled sweetly and closed his eyes when I played this for him this chilly Saturday morning, found via The Fox is Black.

I have a film to finish editing this weekend that will go on display along with 14 other films in St. John Smith’s Square Music Hall this week. It is an abstract film that will accompany the symphony. It has been an interesting process for me as I have never made a piece of abstract film before. I will post the film and share more on that soon.

Oh, the weekend! Those two words: THE WEEKEND, hark so gloriously to my ears. This week has been insanely busy, with more than a few late nights. It is funny to think that the place you call home, the place you spend time creating as an oasis is sometimes the place you spend your least amount of time in. I have spent more time outside of my house than in it this week. Hmm, I think this work/life balance thing needs some reconsideration.

We plan to do a lot of walking this weekend, a little coffee drinking, a bit of shopping as I am working on putting together some surprise packages and a lot of delicious eating and being in each other’s company. Being with Mr. Michie makes me happy.

A Shoebox Camera

I’m co-teaching a pinhole photography course this term and we have moved away from our coffee tin cameras to shoebox cameras.

One of the girls was having an issue with her camera. After inspecting her developed prints, I fixed what I thought was the problem and then I took a test shot myself to see if I fixed it and got this after doing a double exposure:

ShoeBox Camera

I never grow tired of this process. It is plain and simple magic!

A Manic Monday

Jennifer Michie Tulips Close-up

We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I have so much to share, but this has been a completely manic day. So, for now, I am posting another snap of my gorgeous tulips. Hope you are having a happy Monday!



Jennifer Michie Tulips

These were a treat to myself this week. A bunch of tulips that I picked up at Whole Foods on my way home. The are filling the cottage with Springtime happiness! 

The First Day of Spring

Jennifer Michie Sunlit Stairs

It didn’t feel like Spring when I left the house this morning. The air was bitter and a mist was shrouding my little world like a blanket. By lunch time however, the clouds had passed and the sunshine came out to play for just a little bit, until the skies turned grey again and it began to rain.

While the sun was out, I snapped this picture coming down the staircase in the Science building where I had ventured over to get some distilled water for the dark room. I loved how the light was dancing across the glassy green tiles and I stopped for a moment to watch it. It is cold again this evening, but that little taste of Spring today was enough to make me happy.

Magnolia liliiflora

Jennifer Michie Japanese Magnolia

Magnolia liliiflora, or as I have always called them Japanese or sometimes tulip magnolias practically line a particular street that I stroll down on my walk to school in the morning.

They are all in full bloom and every single one, is this blushing creamy, pinky, purpley hue. They are dazzling to see. The ground is strewn with their petals. I feel guilty walking across the delicate fallen who mark my path. They look almost sacred as if they line the pathway to a mountain temple where a little Buddha sits in waiting.