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Movie Snacks

Jennifer Michie Movie Snacks

Last night we got caught up on the shows we missed during the week. We sat down on the couch, and watched the new Sleepy Hollow show. Two episodes in, we are really loving it!

It was a cold rainy evening, which created the right Sleepy Hollow atmosphere, candles were lit and we feasted on popcorn and hot apple cider. What could be better for a cozy date night in?

The Weekend

Faye Faires 1966 Itsbetterthanbad

Isn’t she cute? The pink suit, the adorable shoes, the HAIR! It is huge and I LOVE it! Her little “Hey, Y’all” wave.

The weekend is here and I am so excited. We are going to relax, run some errands, maybe go to the movies…

Last night we had a truly Fall dinner in the form of, pumpkin pancakes, the mix was made by Target’s, Archer Farms, it was delicious! On, a side note, I adore Archer Farm’s packaging as well and the mix was already in a pouch that onced open could be ziplocked! Target is always making my life easier! We had sausage on the side and I made a spiced cider recipe that Mr. Michie spotted on my Pinterest page.

Jennifer Michie Breakfast for Dinner

Those pumpkin pancakes, were mouth watering! I love having breakfast for dinner! My Fall food has continued as this morning I was able to get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbuck’s, the very sweet barista made me one, even though they don’t launch them until October 3rd. Happiness is…

This Friday is already shaping up to be wonderful:

  1. My Mom called me while I was getting ready for work, we got to talk for a few minutes, it has MADE MY DAY!
  2. When I walked outside this morning the sky was a gorgeous pearly pink, like the inside of a conch shell. The air was fresh and breezy.
  3. Even though I had to wait for a second tube to come through this morning, because everyone was packed like sardines in the first one, I got a seat! That almost never happens!
  4. I got my FIRST pumpkin spice latte of the season. WOO-HOO!
  5. It is pay day today!

Well, here’s to the weekend, long may it last!

{Faye Faires, itsbetterthanbad Flickr}

A Monkey and a Lava Lamp

It’s Wednesday today and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, so what better way to start the morning off than with a laugh?

Jerry Seinfeld’s, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, always makes me smile. A little while ago, I shared with you a film he made in his second season with the charming Gad Elmaleh.

The film below was from Season 1 and features Brian Regan. This guy is hysterical. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will! Happy Wednesday!

Comedians in Cars Brian Regan

{click on the image to go to the video}

Food for Thought

Mr. Michie is on a school trip this evening to the Globe Theatre, so I was on my own for dinner. I didn’t feel hungry today at work, so I skipped lunch and sat on a bench in the sunshine and read a delicious book.

I love reading and with my traveling too and from work at the moment, I am reading about a book a week. So, my reading pile is getting smaller and smaller, but I have plenty of books on my wish list that I want to get, so I will have more than enough books to keep me occupied.

I decided to get dinner out, since I was on my own. I ordered my food, found a table downstairs where I could sit and be. I listened to the great music that was blasting out of their speakers, read a couple pages of my book and munched away on my fries and cheeseburger.

I looked around, there were a few other people eating alone, but most people were with a partner or in a group. It’s funny that you seem to adopt a certain attitude when eating alone, you read something (I was, as I was almost at the end of a heart racing chapter in the political thriller, I’m reading), you play with your phone, you stare into space, you just eat and eat and don’t come up for air, only staring at your food. I saw all these things as I observed the people around me.

There is a certain vibe that it isn’t okay to eat alone, that something must be wrong if you are eating dinner alone, somehow you can swing it for breakfast and lunch, but dinner has different connotations. It made me think of Hope Floats, a great Sandra Bullock movie.

There is a scene where Sandra Bullock’s character, who is newly separated from her cheating husband an has moved back home to live with her mama, eats dinner alone at the local diner. Here, she encounters and old flame/friend in Harry Connick Jr., who is also eating alone. He tells her dining alone isn’t for sissies, you have to be made of some pretty stern stuff to do that, and the trick is to remain mysterious, like the choice is yours. And to really throw them off, you should order some dessert.

This scene always makes me smile. I am perfectly happy with me, with my own company. I would never judge someone for eating dinner alone, yet as I sat there tonight, it was interesting to see the looks I was getting for being alone as well as the other loners, we were looked at with a twinge of pity.

In so many ways, in society today, we are alone. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it keeps others at a distance in many respects. Yet, if you play with your phone or your laptop, you look all “official”, you look like you are working, too busy to stop and eat with someone, you are eating and working on the go, and that is okay, but to simply come and sit down, to be alright with you, eat your meal at a moderate pace and just be, there must be something odd about you. Or, at least that is how I felt tonight, it only toughened my resolve to just sit and “be” and gave me, pardon the pun, food for thought!

A Bluesy Kinda Day

The weather forecast originally said that it would be a partly sunny and a little bit of a warmer weekend. That is not the case, Summer might be fighting to throw in a couple more days before Fall takes over for good, but for today, she has not succeeded, the sky is a powder steel grey, the air has a bite to it, the tree branches are swaying to the rhythm of the wind.

Mr. Michie has a lot of work to do this weekend, so he is staying tucked away, busily editing his thesis, I am staying cozy in sweatpants, sweaters, slippers and drinking copious amounts of tea. It is a day for soulful, bluesy, jazz and my music of choice at present is the Home for the Holidays soundtrack.

I love the organ keyboard shelling out those sweet notes. It always makes me think of this great little restaurant in my hometown, it started out in a much smaller venue when it first opened before moving to a bigger place across the street. I liked the new place, but there was something about that older joint, it had character. 

On Friday nights they would have a guy come in to play music, he was a bit eccentric for sure. He was normally half lit, he would sit at his keyboard, cigarette in his mouth,  eyes half closed and his upper body was bathed in a smoky haze from his cigarette, forming plumes of billowy white vapor around him. You could ask this guy to play just about anything, and he would know the notes.

I could see him playing parts of this soundtrack, bobbing his head and shoulders to the music as his fingers tickled the keys of his keyboard. It’s music for a staying in kinda day, for baking pies, for contemplating, for reading, for stirring the turkey potpie filling, I have simmering away on the stove, a day just for being. So, that is what my Saturday will be, a day just to be.

An Orange Mum

Jennifer Michie Orange Mum

Mums say “Fall” to me. I got my first mum of the season last weekend and it has just started to bloom.

It has been rainy the past two days here and coming home tonight and seeing that golden orange sunset burst of color from the mum’s blossoms on our front stoop, made me smile.



Hey, its Wednesday today, that means we are half way to the weekend! School is in full swing now and I am staying busy, busy, busy at the moment. But, I love it!

{image pinned HERE}

Heading Toward Autumn

We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend this past weekend. We got to spend Sunday with friends who came all the way from Colorado! It was a miracle they made it out!

They are on a little traveling adventure and spent some of their very valuable time with us. We were simply thrilled! The world is a better place with kindred spirits in it. My girlfriend even brought me a few surprises, one of them being the lovely Susan Branch’s new book:

A Fine Romance Susan Branch

Oh! Happiness is!

The weather has taken a definite turn toward Autumn this past weekend and when I left the house yesterday morning to head to the train station it was a brisk 45 F!

The sunlight is changing too. While working in the main studio I noticed that the shadows were different. The room felt cooler with the light not streaming through as strongly as it had been a week before. It made me think of Wyeth, I think he would have liked painting in the main studio yesterday!

Cranberries, 1966

Cranberries, 1966

Last night we feasted on grilled cheese and tomato soup. I picked up a can of soup on my way home. I’m a Campbell’s girl and they had limited edition Andy Warhol’s “Soup Cans” as their design, so of course, that is what jumped into my basket. I think the soup even tasted better because it looked like an Andy Warhol can! Cute!

Jennifer Michie Tomato Soup