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Catching Up

Stay out of the kitchen, we have gossiping to do!

I am so happy to be home to catch up with my sister and her adorable, gorgeous love bug of a baby girl!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Easter Round-Up

There are still a few more days before the Easter Bunny comes to visit. If you are stuck for ideas, here are some things I have been pinning lately. Enjoy!

These Bunny Cake Pops are perfect for little and big hands alike to munch away on, while searching for eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden with their free hand:

Joy the Baker does it again, with these fabulous looking Hot Cross Bun Pancakes, a glorious Easter breakfast treat:

Hide little candy surprises in these Bunny Ear Bags, that you could tuck into a basket or use at a place setting for your Easter table:

Don’t have an Easter basket? Martha Stewart has created some beautiful crepe paper ones:

The Cake Blog shows you how to make a Speckled Egg Cake. Quite the centerpiece for your dessert table:

These Paper Flower Headbands are adorable and would look fetching on any gal, be she big or small:

{All images are copyright to their respective blogs. Embellished by J. Michie}

Up, Up and Away

I am up, up and awaaaay this morning. I am flying home to see my family.

I am always sad when Mr. Michie doesn’t get to come with me, but there is a certain tiny little person that I will be getting to visit with and I am sure she will keep me more than happy and occupied!

The Farm Chicks Flyer

This arrived in the post over the weekend:

I couldn’t believe it! I saw this Farm Chick’s post the other week and Serena was kind enough to send me a postcard flyer after her request that if you send her your address she will mail one your way.

The card is so beautifully crafted and sweetly designed!

Thank you Serena for sending this to me across the pond, it just made my day! Going to The Farm Chicks Antique show is on my To Do List! I’ll make it there someday!

To see the printing process click here.

To learn more about the design process click here.

A Snowy Saturday Out

We left our house early on Saturday morning to beat the snow, well at least beat enough of the snow that they didn’t shut the train lines down. You could hear the ice cracking underneath the wheels as the train pulled into the station.

It was freezing cold, but just beautiful. We were in our own little wonderland. First things first, we got some breakfast, I had pancakes, mmmm!

Then we ran our errands and grabbed some lunch before heading home. Once home, we went to the grocery store and I spent the rest of the day making fresh yeast rolls, two shepherd’s pie and two turkey pot pies. All of this was for Mr. Michie, as I am sneaking away to see my family over the Easter Holidays.

He can’t come as, unfortunately, he is way too busy at the moment. He will be running Easter sessions for students and working on his Master’s over the course of the school break. At least I know I have left him with delicious food (even though he is a truly excellent chef himself) to enjoy while I’m away. I shall return with lots of surprises for him, to make up for the fact he couldn’t get away with me.

Today, I am making chicken ‘n dumplings and a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs. The snow has started to swirl outside again and our house is nice and toasty. It is a perfect day for just staying inside and being in the kitchen, while watching the snow fall from the window!

This was our view from the bridge over the train tracks:

This little wren was soaked through from the snow and trying to get a bit of those leftover sandwich crusts, he was so sweet and happy to pose for a picture:

Easter Packages

I got a Easter surprise in the mail yesterday and it just made my day!

It is snowing outside this morning, like someone has shaken up a snow globe. Coming day hard and fast and then swirling all about.  We have gotten up early to get ready and try and get a train to the bigger town down the tracks, so we can run our errands today.

Fingers crossed, we’ll get there!

{sorry the image is a little grainy, I snapped it quickly on my phone and ran to take out a cherry pie slab from my oven for date night dessert}

And We’re Off…

I am zooming into the weekend. There is so much to get done, errands to run, laundry to do, a house to clean, things to cook and bake and a little old grizzly bear to finish stuffing for a very tiny person.

“Hello Weekend! HERE WE COME!! Weeeeeeee!”

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Back in Business

Well we were up early yesterday morning, moving the last few items out of the way for the washing machine repairman.

It appears that he has fixed it! He replaced the pump and the drainage hose. I ran a vinegar rinse through the machine last night on hot and then tried a drying cycle and knock on wood it all worked fine.

So Mr. Michie ordered us some Chinese food for dinner and I spent the next 2 hours putting our kitchen back again. The floor was all sticky where he had been working, so I mopped and cleaned and wiped and danced around to music.

I put my first load of laundry in this morning, so fingers crossed all will go well! We are very lucky to have a compact washer/dryer, but I will say, using the giant queen bee tumble dryer at the the laundromat was a real treat. ALL of my laundry was dried in 30 minutes, folded and when I got home put away, no laundry baskets hanging around our bedroom for 1/2 the week or the drying rack having to be up. It was like we suddenly had this gigantic space upstairs and I loved every minute of it. Oh well, its back to business!

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung! Today is the first day of Spring, but if you looked out my window this morning, you wouldn’t think it! There is a thick mist outside.

Things are beginning to change though, you can feel it! One season is slowly slipping into the next!