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Happy Leap Year

Happy Leap Year!

Today is the 29th of February and so 2012 welcomes in a Leap Year. I am celebrating mine with turning the date on this adorable calendar given to me by a dear someone. What about you?

(Please forgive the image quality, it was so early in the morning when I took this and I did not do justice to the cuteness of the calendar!)

The Artist

Mr. Michie took me on a date Saturday afternoon to see a movie I have been dying to see: The Artist. We LOVED it! And Jack, the little dog (named Uggie in real life), just made the movie!

I grew up watching old movies. I have a weakness for them! Who doesn’t stop the channel when they hear Doris Day belting out a tune, or Debbie Reynolds singing to her true love through the window in Tammy and the Bachelor, or watch Rock Hudson pull Jane Wyman into his arms in All that Heaven Allows, or laugh and cry while watching Myrna Loy and Jeanne Crain in Cheaper by the Dozen and the follow-up with Belles on Their Toes. Not to forget every old Christmas movie ever made!

Spoiler alert: I do discuss the film plot line from this point on, so if you haven’t seen it and want to keep it a surprise, please read no further!

I adore a good old fashioned movie and The Artist is just that. I loved that it was silent, their expressions said so much. They didn’t have to speak, you knew, through the music, through a glance what they were feeling. Even without words, I still felt so much, I started to dislike his wife, even though she never really did anything wrong. After gifting her with a strand of pearls, it was so clever to watch her as her wardrobe first prominently displayed the necklace, it was all cut around it, but as her feelings for him changed the clothes began to cover it up, until it was completely enveloped by her dress.

Hmm, a movie that makes you think, not many do that today. It’s interesting that in talking to some students before the weekend who had seen it, they told me they didn’t like it. We spoke about it and what I finally ascertained out of them was that they felt it was too much to take in, it wasn’t spelled out for them, it wasn’t easy, it was boring because there was no talking. What is wrong with something making you think? Making you question? We as a society don’t do enough of that at times.

George Valentin (the artist) a famous silent film star, bucks at the idea that movies will become “talkies” and the girl he really loves and helped jump start her career is starring in the first “talkie” for the film studio he used to work at it. After a series of events from that point to the end, they realize that each of them feel exactly the same way about each other: they are in love and she ends up rescuing him from himself.

George however, feels he is washed up and can’t belong to this new world of talking movies, but Peppy convinces him and the studio bosses otherwise. The movie ends with their magical dance number, you hear the music and their feet tapping as they move, reminiscent of Fred & Ginger. Once they cut, the crew applauds and the studio executive asks them to do the number one more time, to which for the first time since the movie began we hear George speak. He utters two words : “With Pleasure!” in Jean Dujardin’s delectable French accent and you are charmed beyond belief.

“With Pleasure!”, could be this generation’s: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse!”; “Here’s looking at you kid!”; “Frankly my Dear, I don’t give a Damn!”; “I’ll have what she’s having!”; “May the Force be with you!” (I had to put that in there for Mr. Michie). It has to go down in history as a famous one liner. You went through so much, you wondered if this would turn out well, would he swallow his pride? He did, they danced, they laughed, the movie ended on a happy note.

I don’t buy into the Oscar hype, I see movies because I want to, I know this is up for a gazillion awards, but as we left Mr. Michie said to me, it deserves every award it is up for and I have to say, I agree. It was enjoyable, it was old-fashioned, it was still relevant now, it was extremely clever, it is a classic.

Long Live the Weekend!

Long live the weekend and long may it last, for Monday comes all to quickly again! I am going to do a little cleaning, a little hanging out, a little work and spending a lot of time with Mr. Michie, bliss!

I just adored  this video when I first heard it and listened to it again this evening, it is too good not to share! It is by Bryson Andres a Alaskan based violinist, who passionately rocks this tune.

Have a lovely weekend!

Winter Birds

I have finally taken down all my twinkle lights and did a little “Spring Cleaning” in the house last week, but, it is still Winter time to me. There are still frosty mornings yet to come, chilly nights and starry skies yet to be had and I thought it only appropriate that my little winter birds continue to stay out and grace us with their presence.

They make me smile every time I look at them and they are particularly cozy to look at, while listening to Classic FM on my old radio, watching the candle flicker and drinking tea. Happiness is a little pair of winter birds…

What A Weekend!

Oh what a weekend this has been! Mr. Michie took me to see “The Muppets”! I loved it, I have always loved them, I wasn’t sure how much of the original Muppet music they would use and I couldn’t believe when they sang, “The Rainbow Connection”! That is my favorite Muppet song!

Now, I want to make these from Bakerella and have a party:

I got ready for our date, by putting on a layer of “rainbow connection” glittery nail polish over my red nails that Mr. Michie treated me to getting done for Valentine’s Day. The glittery nail polish was courtesy of my Mom and I love it, I feel like I should be going out to a party with it on, it is just so FUN!

We went out to dinner after “The Muppets” to finish our date night and then spent the rest of weekend, resting, cleaning, writing, cooking, baking and munching on Valentine’s candy. We also drank plenty of tea and hot chocolate out of our Valentine’s Day surprises.

Mr. Michie took me to Emma Bridgewater and I bought him the “Red Fox” mug and he got me the “Pink Hearts” mug. My hot chocolate just tastes better out of it! Of course there are lots of snowmen shaped marshmallows skating on the top of my hot chocolate, again another surprise in my Valentine Care Package from my parents! HEAVEN!

I am teaching a 2 hour evening Photography Class at the moment on Pinhole Photography and dark room techniques. I am loving it! And my feedback from the 20 students who have signed up, is that they are LOVING it too! So, I am very pleased.

I got a head start for my next class and made just over 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes for them to munch on during our break, I will make my Nana’s chocolate coffee icing to frost them with when I get in from school, so they will be ready to go.

I was missing home and had a real hankering for Southern Cooking, so Sunday dinner was iced tea, fried chicken, rice and gravy, green beans, creamed corn and dinner rolls. I even made banana pudding for dessert. While dinner was cooking I did a little “pinning”:

and caught up with some e-mails. I have a few to reply to, you know who you are! I also caught up with my Google Reader and I wished that I was on this starry walk with the lovely Susan Branch, doesn’t it look romantic!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend too!

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P.S. This is my 500th Post! WOW! Thanks for sticking with me through all my ramblings!

It’s Possible!

“It’s possible for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage!”

If you know the lines to that song, than you know one of the sweetest Rodgers & Hammerstein shows that ever was. We are on our Winter break this week and while I was busy in the house cleaning, I flipped on the TV and saw that “Cinderella” was on and I just had to sit down and watch it.

I can still remember the first time I saw this on TV when I was little sitting in front of the set with my footed pj’s on, I was mesmerized. Just as my parent’s were when they would tell me about the first time they saw it and what a really big deal it was, for something like that to come on TV. It still holds as much magic for me now as it did then. There is such an air of nostalgia around it; the colors of the costumes and the set design, it is beautiful.

I adore when they put something so sweet and wholesome on television during the school breaks, something you could sit down and watch with your children while you work on an art project, something that will make them think and not just “talk” to them, that uses intelligent language and no slang. In my own little corner in my own little room, this was the perfect thing on TV to take a break to today. Well, back to work…

A Bonsai Tree House

Maybe it is because I am a child of the 80’s, I grew up watching the Karate Kid and seeing Mr. Miyagi carefully tend to his bonsai trees, or maybe it is because I love all things miniature, or maybe the answer is simply because gardening is in my blood and I have a thing for trees, but the art of bonsai has always fascinated me.

I spotted these today while reading one of my favorite artsy blogs, Colossal. I think they are unbelievably beautiful, artful, imaginative and if I was the size of Goose Girl & Foxy they would be the perfect little hideaway.

Created through a variety of materials they come out of the imagination of Japanese artist Takanori Aiba. Who has combined his talent and knowledge of labyrinth design and architecture to manipulate the trees and bring these scenes to life.