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Diving In

This week has started out with a bang and so I have dove right in! I am already ready for Friday again!

I went to a friend’s house for dinner this evening and Mr. Michie came to pick me up and walk me home on this very frosty night. On our way, we saw a few snow flurries, so I am crossing my fingers, I love snow!

I need just one cozy, drinking hot chocolate, looking at my twinkle lights, staying under my quilt, finally getting to knit or crochet kinda snow days!

The Girl with Seven Horses

The Girl with Seven Horses, is a photography series that I have fallen in love with! The imagination to visualize your clothing in such a way that it creates this “believable” object, astounds me. A mitten as a hoof? Adorable!

The horses are all “wearing” her clothes that blew away¬†from her clothesline in a storm and now the girl has gone out searching for them traveling all over to collect her horses. I hope your weekend is as magically adventurous as this story and image series!

To find out more go here.

Happy Chinese New Year

It is the year of the dragon and we are celebrating by ordering out Chinese food and watching a movie.

Happy Chinese New Year to you all, may the year of the Dragon bring you many fortunes!

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How "Dot" Was Made:

I just loved the animation I showed you yesterday. Today, I thought I would share, how it was made.

The cellscope was created by Professor Daniel Fletcher, of UC Berkeley, as a way for doctors and medics working in remote and/or impoverished areas to take photos with the microscope attached, of blood samples and other specimens and be able to send the image via their phone to any medical or science lab in the world for analysis. Pretty cool!

The Quiet

The weekend has come to a close and I am up working on a project for school. The Holiday is on TV and Mr. Michie is softly snoring away upstairs. My Christmas lights are still twinkling at me, casting a warm glow around the cottage and I am surrounded by quiet. I am happy.

I love this time of night, this time when the world seems just yours to hold. My own magic hour, when I seem to think best. I always understood Jo March, from Little Women, when she felt that her head had such clarity at this time of night to write her novels, I have quite often had some of my best stories pour out of me at this time, or my best work flow through me.

This is my calm before the storm of this school week, a chance to get prepared for what this week will bring. So Good Night to you all as I savor my last little bit of my magic hour before I turn off the lights and tiptoe upstairs to bed, for the beginning of the day will come all to soon.

Wallpaper Backgrounds for the New Year

I like looking at something interesting when I stare at my computer’s desktop wallpaper, trying to remember what folder I am looking for. I won’t say it is strictly a “girl thing” to desire something that is pleasing to the eye, because I have known Mr. Michie to go for a certain overall “look” on his Macbook as well.

Sometimes it is just a picture I like, sometimes I make my own background, other times a wallpaper created by a favorite artist, but more often than not lately, it is a calendar created by Christiane Engel of Desert Friends:

In case you were looking to freshen up your desktop wallpaper for the new year, I thought I would share some of my favorite choices at the moment with you (the first image also happens to be the cover of a Bon Iver album, which makes me like this picture even more):

Click on the images to be taken to a download link, all images copyright to their respective blogs.