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We are on Christmas break now and ready to enjoy the holidays. Today, The Flying Scotsman took me on a date to a Winter Wonderland.

We walked through rows of little chalets blanketed in lights and greenery. The smell of hot chocolate and fresh doughnuts and gingerbread filled the air.

We came to a little Candyland village and decided to walk through. It was so much fun. Foxy found his favorite: sparkling watermelon slices. I ate gummy bears and vanilla marshmallow milkshakes.

My wee Scotsman played Christmas music for us on his bagpipe while we strolled along. It was a lovely day!

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school before the Christmas break! There was snow, it was a half day, Mr. Michie took me out to lunch and now there is cozy Christmas lights on and cuddling on the couch. Oh, the joy of being on vacation! PURE BLISS!

(Painting by Kelly Reemtsen, adapted by J. Michie)

The Christmas Angel

When Mr. Michie and I were first married we searched high and low for the perfect angel for our tree. She couldn’t be just any old angel, she had to be special. We searched here and there for quite some time and one day, I came across this angel and she spoke to me.

I met the artist who created her out of vintage French millinery items and had handcrafted and painted her face. Claire was a kindred spirit and I knew this angel was supposed to be ours. I asked if she had a name and I was told it was Genevieve, that sealed the deal!

She was nestled into a pink striped box and tied up with a vintage ribbon. So, home she came with me and we have enjoyed taking her out every Christmas. She looks like she could be on top of a Christmas tree in Little Women.

This year, I have put up a smaller tree in the bedroom and so Genevieve is gracing our mantel instead. She looked so pretty in the white wintery light this morning I just had to take a picture of her. Is there a special item that sits atop your tree every year? I’d love to know if there is!

Christmas Pins

I am just lovin’ Pinterest, it lets me easily share the images I find, with you!

Here are some Christmas images that I have fallen in love with and pinned recently and I thought I would share them with you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Christmas Story

I saw this adorable Christmas movie last year on the lovely Whatever Blog and I forgot to post it then. I came across it the other day and decided that I just had to share it.

It is truly sweet and just sums up the best of the season! I love that little twinkly star, she has a lot of personality! Enjoy:

A Gift to the Woods

On Sunday, Mr. Michie and I took a walk into the woods. We were beginning to deck the halls in the cottage and still had a few pumpkins left over from the Autumnal season.

So, we loaded them up into a basket and carted them off with us. We photographed the beauty of the woods as we walked and I took one last picture of the pumpkins that were ours this season.

Then, Mr. Michie smashed my large pumpkin up and we tucked the chunks into different recesses near the pond, so that the muntjacs, bunnies, squirrels, birds and other woodland creatures would have something delicious to feast on as the weather has turned truly frosty.

P.S. Happy St. Nicholas Day!

It’s Beginning to Look…

A lot like Christmas at the Michie house! It’s Official! We are slowly turning into a Christmas house. Mr. Michie and I went to the tiny grocery store near our house last night, where we go every year to pick out our wreath.

We chose this one last night and I sat on the couch listening to Christmas music and making the gingham bow to go on it. The ribbon was a great find, I have had squirreled away for the past month.

So, this morning we cleaned down the door, and Mr. Michie hung my wreath up for me! It makes the cottage feel more Christmassy just knowing it is on the door!

A Nutcracker Surprise

The “Calendar of the Month Club” has created a true cracker for December, a Nutcracker that is!

He looks just adorable jumping out of this box and very festively decorated! What a fun project to make with your little ones!

I hope everyone has a happy weekend, we are going to be baking cookies, listening to Christmas tunes, decorating the house and just enjoying each other’s company!

(Download template and directions HERE).

Eglantine, Eglantine!

“Eglantine, Eglantine, Oh how you shine!” This little ditty was playing in my head as we carefully hung our Christmas pixie up last night. She was named after Angela Lansbury’s character in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Mr. Brown sings this song to her after they go back to the house he has moved into in London. It is one of my favorite movies and it somehow fits this little gal.

This year we decided to fill her elfin sized pockets and hands with candy. I am going first this year, so when Mr. Michie gets in tonight I am going to reach in her pocket and see what surprise awaits me!

I can’t believe it is December 1st! Where has this year gone? I want to enjoy and savor this month. The time spent together, the time spent with family, it all goes by too quickly and I want to capture it all in my memory.