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Happy Halloween



These would be our Halloween costumes this year. Mr. Michie has been sick for over a week, so I have been donning my nurse’s cap and staying busy making homemade chicken soup and jell-o as well as tending to my little patient!

(Image by the adorable Becky, found on Flickr)

Halloween Round-Up

I have been doing a little Halloween reconnaissance today and came across some cute ideas, old and new that I thought I would share with you!

Glittering pumpkins are always beautiful, not just for Halloween, they can carry you through the fall season and adorn your Thanksgiving table, I found these on the beautiful Livy’s blog:

This Candy Corn Mousse, is festively colorful and perfect for a grown-up Halloween get-together with its cheesecake base:

Leave it to Martha to come up with a cute idea for orange balloons! This is a nice thing for little people to have something to take home at the end of your Halloween party. You could even tie a little bag of candy to the bottom, so their pumpkin doesn’t float away:

I love making bark and this Halloween Candy Bark version looks hauntingly delicious:

Bring something home from the Three Broomsticks to your Halloween festivities and make a batch of Butterbeer for all your little witches and wizards:

Use different colored candy melts and your imagination to create spooky Halloween inspired chocolate dipped strawberries:

Hope you found a few bewitching ideas that take your fancy…

(Images courtesy of their respective blogs)

To the Fair we go…

Foxy to the FairGoose Girl and I have had a bit of a hectic October and I have yet to have a chance to post anything. One thing that has been keeping us very busy is our pumpkin patch. We annually grow pumpkins, cultivating them to be monster sized gourds that we enter in to our local fair every year for the “Giant Pumpkin Contest”.

We have been keeping a close eye on our patch since the weather turned, protecting them when it got too cold at night, we didn’t want a frost to ruin our chances!

The big day was fast approaching and GiGi and I selected the pumpkin we would take with us and kept a very close eye on it as the flesh turned a delicious sunset orange.

On the day of the fair, she helped me tie carrying ropes to our pumpkin as I climbed onto our tractor and drove down our little country road to the fair.

We arrived just in time for the big weigh-in and we came in at a whopping 105lbs. We walked around after that, enjoying a few rides. I love the glimmer and sparkle of all the lights you see at the top of the ferris wheel. I got some pink cotton candy, which stuck to my whiskers and GiGi bought a colossal sized candy apple and a frozen lemonade. We slowly made our way back to the judging tent to see if all the gourds had been weighed in.

They had and there was a prodigious sized blue ribbon on our pumpkin! We won! In all of our worries to make sure we got the pumpkin to the fair safely we forgot to bring our camera. But, I can tell you we were jumping up and down and dancing, some friends took pictures of us with our pumpkin, so as soon as they send us the prints I will post them…

The Pumpkin Patch

This morning, Goose Girl showed me the gorgeous fat little pumpkin that Foxy picked out for her from the gnomes’ pumpkin patch.

As we enjoyed a mug of warm apple cider together, Foxy was busily working away on a post for tomorrow, all about their trip to the Fair.

Click on the image below to keep checking in with them, because they have been up to a few things this week….

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The First Pumpkin of the Season

Gnome and PumpkinFoxy went to visit the little gnomes in the valley today and picked a gorgeous pumpkin for me from their patch!

Gnome and Foxy with Pumpkin

I just love it, it is sitting on our front porch now, right next to a huge pot of rust colored mums.

Fall happiness, is a bright orange pumpkin!

"Bewitching" Houses

I love Halloween and all that it conjures up. One of my favorite conjurings being: witches. I wouldn’t mind  being Samantha Stephens, I know I have said it before, but I’ll say it again, who wouldn’t want to wiggle their nose and have things happen? I want to wiggle my nose and have my house cleaned, dinner on the table and all the laundry done.

But, since I can’t do that, I thought I would settle for sharing with you some of my favorite witches’ houses. The first being non other than Samantha’s from “Bewitched”. I loved watching that show as a child and still watch it any time I catch an episode while flipping through the TV.

One of my most beloved episodes was when her daughter Tabitha turns herself into an oatmeal raisin cookie. Samantha, her mother Endora and her in-laws look all over for the “missing” Tabitha. Sam and her mother know that she has turned herself into something to hide, but they are not sure what. Sam only discovers what Tabitha has changed into when she looks at the plate of cookies sitting on her dining room table and one of them smiles back at her.

I loved their house on Morning Glory Circle and that is the first I will share with you. It is adorably 1960’s and the couch in their living room would fit in perfectly in an episode of “Mad Men”. My Nana had avocado colored appliances in her kitchen when I was growing up and still does. Her stove is adorably retro and something I would love to have, if I had a home of my own to put it in.

The second house is the “Bewitched” movie house. Although, I didn’t think the film truly did the show justice, the sets were stunning and I am enamored with the house they had Nicole Kidman live in. The kitchen was magical and I would be more than happy with that painted fireplace. The entire house just felt very open and airy, yet still cozy. It was all very enchanting.

Last, but not least, is a house where Nicole Kidman first played a witch with her “sister” Sandra Bullock, in “Practical Magic”. I adore the fact that they have a private staircase that comes down into their kitchen, that is a bit of a dream of mine, to have that one day in a home. This house seems to hold a true essence of magic and would fit right in, along any house in Salem.

What a bunch of bewitching houses for Halloween!

(All images from Hooked on Houses)

The Birds

I love this “Birds” inspired fascinator from the Etsy shop Topsy Turvy.

It is the photograph that makes it, with its Cindy Sherman-esque style. I love it! It would be the icing on the Halloween cake to wear this, if you went as a the stunning Tippi Hedren, to your Halloween party.