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"Whatever Blows Your Dress Up"

“Whatever blows your dress up”, is something that my grandfather likes to say. It has always made me laugh, and is the first thing I thought of, when my Mom asked me if I had read about Chicago’s new statue.

It is non other than a famous Marilyn Monroe poised 26 feet high, with her dress undulating around her in the iconic image from The Seven Year Itch.

I know that there has been controversy surrounding it, namely people keep walking under her to see if she has on undies. Others appear to even question the integrity of the piece itself, seeing it as a tourist ploy, rather than a piece of Art; Pop Art even. But this, to me, is Art.

And as the saying goes, “Whatever blows your dress up!”

(The statue was created by the Artist Seward Johnson)

How to Be a Girl

I don’t remember how I found this link, I might have seen it on Twitter or it was something I saw posted while catching up in GoogleReader, but I have never laughed so hard.

The original post I saw was a link on how to get the perfect shaped eyebrows. I clicked on other links and came across this one. I was just howling even Mr. Michie came over to see what I was watching and he was in hysterics as well. Jane Feltes, is just a very funny woman.

In addition to posting, “How to Be a Girl” videos, she produces and regularly contributes to “This American Life”. What a gal!

G’noming Around

Walk 1

It has been raining off and on for a few days now keeping me cooped up in doors. So, when a brief moment of stillness fell upon the world and the pitter-patter of raindrops subsided, I decided to take a stroll through the woods, in the hope of seeing a little ray of sun; relishing the chance to stretch my legs.

I walked down the lane and headed toward the pond when I saw a little man staring at me through the blades of grass. We just stood there for a moment spying each other and then more little hooded men came onto the path.

Walk 2

I realized that I had stumbled onto something magical, something few creatures get to see: A little gnome colony. I decided to follow them and was invited to see their moss garden.

Walk 3

I found a little watering can next to a mushroom and carried that up the hill with me. There was a little party of gnomes up there, gently tending to their garden.

Walk 6

Walk 7

I set down my watering can and began to look around. One was pushing a little wheelbarrow, one was raking through the fine mossy mesh and the one in the front carried a little lantern so they could see their way home at night.

Walk 8

They stopped for lunch and I was invited to join them. We drank apple cider from the caps of acorns and feasted on crusty bread and nettle soup.

Walk 4 Walk 5I thanked them after we were done and headed home (as I knew Gigi would be getting worried) with the promise to return soon. I was waved goodbye, by this little chap happily sitting on a miniature toadstool. It was a lovely afternoon, spent in the company of very jovial little gnomes.

Sitting on a Toadstool

Gnoming Around

We went on a walk this morning and came back to find this little fellow hiding behind a candlestick holder in the cottage. I don’t know where he will pop up next!

(August Break Day 1)