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Santa Claus is on His Way…

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

I am going to bed extra early tonight and I will do my best to sleep if the excitement of tomorrow doesn’t get to me first! I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas Eve.

(Image from Christmas in the Country, by: Barbara Collyer & John R. Foley, 1950)

Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate

The Polar Express was one of my favourite books growing up! My librarian in school read it to us one afternoon and I can still remember her speaking the words in her crisp little voice and then turning the book for us to see, the plastic covering crinkling as she bent the spine back and moved it in a sweeping motion across our eager faces, so we could all see the illustrations.

That afternoon, when my Mom came to pick me up, I climbed into the car and proceeded to tell her all about it. Well, elves must have been listening, because that Christmas, I received a beautiful hardback copy of the book under my Christmas tree, signed by Mr. C.

When the Polar Express movie came out a few years ago,  I couldn’t wait to see it. It differs from the book in that they had to flesh the story out to make it a feature animation, but Mr. Michie and I just loved it. One of our favourite parts was this:

You can’t watch this and not want to run to Paris to sip some of Angelina’s rich hot chocolate with mountains of sweetened cream scooped on the top, well at least I can’t watch it without desiring too!

Christmas Cards

Everyone, I have spoken with this year, has commented that Christmas has just come to fast. That, it has just suddenly appeared and there isn’t enough time to get all the presents, do all the Christmas dinner shopping and even send out their annual cards.

I am ashamed to say that this year, I have fallen into one of the above stated categories. I am not sending out Christmas cards. We have had work taking place at our little cottage and the cards I bought are packed up in a box I can’t get to. My new work schedule does not make it easy to get things done some days and Saturdays seem to be taken up by everything else, but what I actually want to do.

But, I am taking this in my stride. I have decided that I will be sending out “Happy New Year’s” cards instead. I will design something myself and get them printed and then mailed out. It will be a little something to cheer the one’s I love after Christmas has come and gone; a little gift in their postbox from me.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed this time of year with all that is going on around us. But, last year one of my dearest friends and yoga buddies, gave me a photocopied page out of a book, dealing with stress over the holidays. One, of the suggestions was that on Christmas Eve, or even the day before you pick a time that you are going to stop. And at that point, whether you have gotten everything done or not, you sit down, have a glass of eggnog and begin to enjoy what is in front of you. To take it all in, because, we all seem to work and work and then it is gone in the blink of an eye and during that time, did we even take a moment to catch our breath and enjoy it?

So, this year, I am not going to beat myself up over the fact that I have not bee able to send Christmas cards, I have come up with another solution and I am going to make sure that I take in all that the season has to offer, I hope that you do as well!

(Image found on Flickr)

Bringing the Outside In

It is always nice, but especially, at this time of year, to bring the outside, indoors. I can appreciate that it is not always easy for some of us. I live in a very tiny cottage and there is not always space to have what you want.

This idea, however, would work for anyone. I saw it on the lovely One Pearl Button Blog. Everyone has bits and bobs laying around the house they can use. It doesn’t have to be an apothecary jar, it could be a giant old jam jar, or your Nana’s favourite mixing bowl. It could be old plastic farmyard animals that are laying around, your children don’t play with any more, instead of the cupcake toppers.

It is simply, just a little way to bring the outdoors in, to create a whimsical world and bring a smile to your face every time you see it!

Go to Alli’s site for further information.

A Christmas Hat

Now, who doesn’t want a Christmas hat that looks like this? What a hoot! In my Nana’s Altar Society there is a very lovely woman, named Dottie, who always wears the most beautiful vintage hats.

My favourite is one she wears every year to church at Easter time, it is like an Esther Williams swimming cap. It sits close to her head and is covered in multicoloured flowers. I just bet, she would have had a hat like this in her collection!

(Image found on Flickr)

The Holly & The Ivy

 The holly and the ivy,
When they are both full grown
Of all the trees that are in the wood
The holly bears the crown

“The Holly & the Ivy” is one of my favorite Christmas Carols. Whether or not it is sung or simply instrumental.  I have kept my eyes peeled for ages to find a vintage Christmas brooch that I can wear on my Winter coat, but I haven’t found the right thing yet.

In the meantime, I think I just might make one of these felt holly brooches that I found on Martha Stewart. The colors they have used combined with the trim give them a vintage 1950’s air, with the peaches and golds and corals all beautifully on display.

I have some scraps of wool felt that would be just right and the perfect vintage icy blue velvet ribbon to use as a trim! This is going to be charming! Now, I just have to hunt down a few little baubles or berries or tinsel to tuck into it!

To make your own click here.

(Images copyright Martha Stewart)

A Little Pixie Dust

This little pixie elf is making me smile today. Hillary’s blog always makes me smile. When I can get to my felt again, I want to try my hand at making a little version of her for myself.

I know she would cheer up any little place she rested and I bet she has plenty of pixie dust hidden up her sleeve for a little Christmas magic!

Be sure to check out Hillary’s gorgeous website Wee Wonderfuls and book!