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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Film Still

Well, my lunch break started just in time for me to dash in to the office for 5 minutes and see what Phil had to say. He didn’t look too happy this morning coming out of his cozy little burrow. His verdict was: 6 MORE WEEKS OF WINTER!

Now, since Phil doesn’t predict the weather for my neck of the woods, maybe he could talk to his buddies that do, because I would really like some snow Phil, just a little bit!

Happy Groundhog’s Day!

No Snow

When I was in elementary school and the electrifying, magnificent, blissful four letter word that is S-N-O-W, was sent forth from our lips, we all squealed. Someone would always be the organizer and tell everyone else in the class that we had to do a snow dance and wear our PJ’s inside out, so that our town would be wrapped in a white coverlet of snow and we would have the day off from school.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. It normally depended on whether or not the snow was moving up the Gulf or coming over the Blue Ridge Mountains as to whether we would be graced by Susie Snowflake herself. Well, I saw that heavenly four letter word yesterday and I was beaming all afternoon, I kept staring out the window last night, I barely slept, the weather channel promised it was gonna happen. But alas, I woke up to freezing temperatures, a black sky and NO snow. So, off to school I went.

I’m not greedy, I would just like ONE snow day. Just one day off from school, where everyone can play outside or stay in and drink hot chocolate and stay cozy. Just one day, that’s all I’m asking for.

I think other people were wishing for that snow day as well as my train was exceptionally quiet this morning. The second full week since everyone has returned to work and the memory of Christmas seems to have faded like an old piece of cloth. Everyone is tired. Everyone is waiting for the weekend.

The quietness continued on the tube with my band of mismatched travellers. Until we hit my third stop down the line, where a mother and her son get on every morning. Any peace to the journey usually ends there, as he is a very lively little person. He’s feeling his oats lately and spends most of the journey telling his mom, “No!” or screaming. When they get off a few stops down he shouts, “Goodbye!”, to everyone, most of the people in the carriage normally respond with a wave, a smile or a nod. There is a collective sigh of relief that peace has returned as we shuttle down the tracks.

There is another mother who gets on in the morning with her daughter, who is about 7. Their routine, normally involves studying for a test or finishing up homework. She is very animated and today while working on smilies, she stated that my scarf was as yellow as sweet corn and her gloves were as navy as blueberries. I couldn’t help but laugh, she has quite an imagination, I hope she never loses that!

Come on, Miss Susie Snowflake! Just bring me one really good snowy day, that’s all I need. Maybe I should do a snow dance and wear my PJ’s inside out tonight for luck!

Pretty Packages

Jennifer Michie Striped Package

The Christmas lights are twinkling, the snow is gently falling and we are wrapped up under blankets watching White Christmas, with our breathtaking picture window view of the river in front of us! The lights from the buildings around us, are sparkling in the rolling river. The water bus just passed by, with the Danish flag flying, right next to a Christmas tree they have propped up in the back. I LOVE Copenhagen! Look, how stylish they even wrap up surprises! A little gift to me from Mr. Michie.

Winter Sunrise

Jennifer Michie Sunrise

It was freezing again when I left the house this morning. The wind almost knocked me over. By the time I got to school the sun was just starting to peek over the rooftops. A glorious sunrise turned into a very overcast day, but that doesn’t matter, for I was blessed to see a new dawn.

First Frost

Jennifer Michie First Frost

The moon still stood high in the coal black morning sky as I headed to work this morning. It peered out from a mist of clouds to give an almost greenish glow. My breath hung in front of me and under the glow of street lamps the metal railings sparkled where the frost had taken hold.

I’ve stayed bundled up at work today as I can’t seem to shake off the chill that’s in the air. It truly feels that Winter has arrived in all of her artic frosty glory. It feels like December and I love it!

A Chilly Morning

It was cold this morning. The wind whipped my hair around my face as I walked to the train station in the dark. This is the first morning that it has remained dark for the majority of my journey into work. Now and then I would see glimpses of a lit window or the light from another train passing us, illuminating the arch of the trees and highlighting the tracks beside us, before the world returned to obscurity. It felt almost like a Dickensian winter morning outside. I could appreciate the feeling that the glow of a candlelit window promised after traveling for so long in the blackness of shadows.

The air was fresh and clean coming off of the river this morning and as chilly as it was I decided to take a longer walk to work. It made my cheeks turn pink and my nose run, but I was so happy. My detour route takes me by some hidden gems. The air smelled of pine needles as I passed by a row of houses. There were piles of branches on the curb that were the shaved off remnants of Christmas trees. Shorn around the base to fit inside their tree stand. There were still plenty of leaves underfoot that crackled and crunched as I walked over them. Unusually, I passed no one for ages, it was bliss, the world was simply mine.