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Victoria Magazine Spring Quote

Yesterday, we heralded in the “First Day of Spring”. Yet, it doesn’t feel very “Spring” like outside. The sky is a lavender grey and there’s a chill in the air. It was so dark by four o’clock today, I had to turn the lamps on! But, there are already little touches here and there if you know where to look. The bulbs are starting to shoot up from the earth and the fields are turning greener and greener.

After my Friday break, I went back to spring cleaning today and attacked the bathroom. Getting rid of anything out of date or finished with. Now, it too has joined the list of organised spaces in our cottage. Decluttering is a wonderful feeling!

School breaks up this week and we have a few Easter plans. We’ve pretty much nailed down a menu for Easter Sunday and we’ve put a few things on our “To-Do” list for when we are off. Going to the garden nursery is one of them, I’m ready for a lot more colour outside of our door, so re-planting the garden pots it is! I’m also hoping for my first spring walk through Regent’s Park, one of my favourite places to spend a lazy strolling day.

{Quote from Victoria Magazine}


Jennifer Michie Spring Tree 1

Jennifer Michie Spring Tree 2

Jennifer Michie Spring Tree 3

This morning, I walked through the park on my way to work. I stopped for a few minutes on a bench to drink my coffee and breath in the fresh air before I headed into school. It was cold this morning, there was a frost on the rooftops and a biting breeze. But I had on my cozy winter coat and my cup of coffee, so I was happy. The sun was shining and the tree branches above me were swaying. I watched the sun dance through the leaves as their speckled pattern splayed out across the grass. It was the perfect calm before the onslaught of the day.

The Japanese Garden

Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 1

Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 2Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 3

Yesterday, we took our first official walk, of spring 2015. We headed straight to the Japanese Garden at Regent’s Park. It is our favourite park to walk in, and the Japanese Garden is the perfect place to begin.

We wove our way around the park taking in nature’s changing face and ended up on the “free” zoo tour, which stretched along a high path on one side of ZSL. We watched the kids play with the goats and sheep in the farm area and the camels munching away on hay, while people stared at them over their fence. Finally, we ended our walk by heading over the bridge to glance in at the warthogs, but they had decided not to come out, and so we watched people walk along the canal instead.

If you were in any doubt, spring has sprung. The trees are beginning to blossom and the bulbs and primroses are in full bloom. Happiness is!

After The Rain

Jennifer Michie Rain Blossom

We had quite a storm last night. I listened to the rain hitting the windows like a snare drum being tapped, tapped, tapped. I stared at the ceiling and could see the reflection of the collected droplets as the headlights from a car flashed across our room.

This morning, it was grey when I left. There was a chill in the air and the rain had turned to a drizzle, slowly soaking you through.

The wind yesterday had beaten and whipped off the the camellias from many of the bushes near school. As I walked in, it was like parading down a carpet of petals. This one blossom remained, perfectly intact and beautiful on the wet ground.

March Morning

Jennifer Michie March Morning

Spring is trying very hard to peek through the veil of Winter. The daffodils are starting to push their green arms forth through the damp soil. The trees are ripe with tight blossoms, unfolding little by little each day. There have been some warm days here and there, but the mornings remain cool.

This morning was frosty. My breath puffed out in big plumes over my head, as I walked to the station. The world around me shrouded in a fine mist. It would have been a perfect morning to grab some coffee and just go for a walk. I love mornings like this, there is always an air of mystery and magic to the world, as the bright green leaves, moss and grasses of Spring nudge their heads out from the heavy curtain of Winter.

New Hair, Hot Soup and Party Lights!

Jennifer Michie Wonton Soup

Yesterday, I pampered myself to a hair cut, mani and pedi.  I work hard for my money and I think that everyone has the right to treat themselves once in awhile.

I have been through a ton of hairdressers since living here and I have finally found the right one! And it isn’t just the hairdresser, it’s the atmosphere as well. My hair salon of choice in London is the Aveda Spa in Covent Garden. I have been going there for over a year now and I always walk away happy. It is an oasis of serenity.

I hadn’t had my hair cut since the beginning of December. Between my work schedule, weekends being pretty busy and my lovely hair stylist being fully booked, it meant I had to wait ’till this Saturday. But it was well worth the wait! I got a lot of hair chopped off and I LOVE IT! I had numerous compliments; one by a complete stranger that passed me on the street, which made my day!

To celebrate the weekend and a new haircut, Mr. Michie took me out on a date. It was so very cold yesterday and all I wanted was some soup, so off to Cha Cha Moon we went. I had a delicious, warming bowl of wonton soup and a glass of their lemon iced tea. Heaven!!

We spent today, re-organizing all the Christmas decorations. I ordered some storage bags and they arrived this week, so we went to work. It was another downsizing exercise, just keeping what we need and donating the rest to charity. The house has been thoroughly Spring cleaned. It was a lot of work, but it was well worth it. I’ve put out a few of my Copenhagen surprises and a set of very happy party lights are now adorning the mantle.

One bag of unsorted items remains, but it will have to wait until next weekend. It holds the key ingredients to three separate packages that I plan to mail home. Still, I’ve accomplished a lot, so now I’m sitting back with a glass of wine, next to Mr. Michie, staring at our new lights. Here’s to weekends!!

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Film Still

Well, my lunch break started just in time for me to dash in to the office for 5 minutes and see what Phil had to say. He didn’t look too happy this morning coming out of his cozy little burrow. His verdict was: 6 MORE WEEKS OF WINTER!

Now, since Phil doesn’t predict the weather for my neck of the woods, maybe he could talk to his buddies that do, because I would really like some snow Phil, just a little bit!

Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Monday Morning

Jennifer Michie Morning Journey

The air was cool this morning and the sun was bright. There is still a breeze blowing but it is starting to heat up now. It reminded me of spring time in the Blue Ridge mountains. The air would be cool in the morning and would stay that way under the shade of a tree throughout the day, even in the relentless heat. I grew up at the base of those mountains and they still call to me. Once the Blue Ridge is in your blood it stays there, its the same for the coast. I was lucky I had the best of both worlds, the mountains and the sea.

The sun was beaming down and there was a mist over the lake that I pass on my way into work, so I snapped a picture from my train window. It was a beautiful journey in to central London today. It just makes me sad that it is Monday, today is too beautiful to be trapped indoors at school!