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We had our first snowfall of the season yesterday and it was magical. Above, is a photo I snapped yesterday morning. I went for a run and as I rounded the corner that was my view.  I crossed the street and slowly made my way across the common until I came to the woodland path. The snow was half a foot deep in some places.

Once I entered the woods I just took my time. I walked, breathed in the clean fresh snow air and listened to that silence, the silence only snow can bring. I was happy to walk, I couldn’t have run if I wanted too anyway, the tree boughs were so heavy with snow that a lot of them were laying on the path. I had to shimmy my way over, under and around them.

It’s snowing again as I type this. Big fat velvety flakes are gently coming down. I don’t think too much of it will stick this time, it’s pretty icy out there. But, it is lovely to watch.

The candles are lit, Christmas music is playing and we’re staying toasty under blankets on this wintry Monday morning.

A Taste of Snow

It’s trying so hard to snow today. You can feel it. That particular dampness that snow brings to the air and the way the world smells. I saw a few flakes tumble down around me on my run this morning. It makes me so happy! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for at least a good dusting. I want the world to look like a Christmas cake powdered in icing sugar, with no nook or cranny left un-sprinkled by white. Snow today seems fitting as tonight we usher in the Full Snow Moon.

I’m curled up this afternoon, the candles are lit. I’ve feasted on toasted challah bread, smothered in butter and strawberry jam. A hot cup of tea is by my side, sending steamy little tendrils into the air.

It feels like an Anne Shirley kind of day. So, I’m listening to the soundtrack while I work. Happiness is…


I have a secret! Mr. Michie surprised me on Valentine’s by telling me he was taking me to our beloved city for a short break! I almost passed out with delight! We bundled up and walked through the snow to some of our favourite places and made some new discoveries along the way too. We ate delicious food, lit candles in our apartment and watched the river go by at night. It was very hygge!

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 1

Our view of the river.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 2

Le Gourmand on Værnedamsvej. This street is the “mini Paris” of Copenhagen.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 3

Blomsterskuret, the most amazing flower shop. Also located on Værnedamsvej.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 4

Tulips for sale at Blomsterskuret.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 5

Snow laden branches.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 6

A walk in the snow.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 7

Lunch at the Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 8

Physichromie 497, Carlos Cruz-Diez at the Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 9

A different way to view the world, Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 10

Juicy Burger Order.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 11

Juicy Burger potatoes.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 12

Brisket, sweet pickles and mac ‘n cheese at Warpigs.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 13

Hushpuppies with pimento cheese at Warpigs.

Louisiana Museum
Juicy Burger

No Snow

When I was in elementary school and the electrifying, magnificent, blissful four letter word that is S-N-O-W, was sent forth from our lips, we all squealed. Someone would always be the organizer and tell everyone else in the class that we had to do a snow dance and wear our PJ’s inside out, so that our town would be wrapped in a white coverlet of snow and we would have the day off from school.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. It normally depended on whether or not the snow was moving up the Gulf or coming over the Blue Ridge Mountains as to whether we would be graced by Susie Snowflake herself. Well, I saw that heavenly four letter word yesterday and I was beaming all afternoon, I kept staring out the window last night, I barely slept, the weather channel promised it was gonna happen. But alas, I woke up to freezing temperatures, a black sky and NO snow. So, off to school I went.

I’m not greedy, I would just like ONE snow day. Just one day off from school, where everyone can play outside or stay in and drink hot chocolate and stay cozy. Just one day, that’s all I’m asking for.

I think other people were wishing for that snow day as well as my train was exceptionally quiet this morning. The second full week since everyone has returned to work and the memory of Christmas seems to have faded like an old piece of cloth. Everyone is tired. Everyone is waiting for the weekend.

The quietness continued on the tube with my band of mismatched travellers. Until we hit my third stop down the line, where a mother and her son get on every morning. Any peace to the journey usually ends there, as he is a very lively little person. He’s feeling his oats lately and spends most of the journey telling his mom, “No!” or screaming. When they get off a few stops down he shouts, “Goodbye!”, to everyone, most of the people in the carriage normally respond with a wave, a smile or a nod. There is a collective sigh of relief that peace has returned as we shuttle down the tracks.

There is another mother who gets on in the morning with her daughter, who is about 7. Their routine, normally involves studying for a test or finishing up homework. She is very animated and today while working on smilies, she stated that my scarf was as yellow as sweet corn and her gloves were as navy as blueberries. I couldn’t help but laugh, she has quite an imagination, I hope she never loses that!

Come on, Miss Susie Snowflake! Just bring me one really good snowy day, that’s all I need. Maybe I should do a snow dance and wear my PJ’s inside out tonight for luck!

Happy Epiphany

Happy Epiphany to you all. Our “Little Christmas” gift this year was that we survived Winter Storm Ion. We made it home to London, it only took us 4 days to do it!

But, we looked at our situation as a mini adventure. We stayed in a nice hotel in the Rosemont district of Chicago, ordered delicious deep dish pizza after midnight as we hadn’t eaten since lunch. I had the joy of getting a migraine earlier in the day and finally had to grace the airport bathroom with my presence by getting sick, so I was more than ready to eat a little something. We hung out, watched some TV, watched the snow from our window. We were together, so we were happy.

So, that is why my space has been radio silent the past few days. But, I have so much to share with you and a few pictures too. Not as many as usual as I was so caught up having FUN, I didn’t take as many as I would have liked!

I hope that your New Year has started out quietly and merrily and that you have been able to ease into this first month with a calmness and a peace about your spirit.

A Snowy Saturday Out

We left our house early on Saturday morning to beat the snow, well at least beat enough of the snow that they didn’t shut the train lines down. You could hear the ice cracking underneath the wheels as the train pulled into the station.

It was freezing cold, but just beautiful. We were in our own little wonderland. First things first, we got some breakfast, I had pancakes, mmmm!

Then we ran our errands and grabbed some lunch before heading home. Once home, we went to the grocery store and I spent the rest of the day making fresh yeast rolls, two shepherd’s pie and two turkey pot pies. All of this was for Mr. Michie, as I am sneaking away to see my family over the Easter Holidays.

He can’t come as, unfortunately, he is way too busy at the moment. He will be running Easter sessions for students and working on his Master’s over the course of the school break. At least I know I have left him with delicious food (even though he is a truly excellent chef himself) to enjoy while I’m away. I shall return with lots of surprises for him, to make up for the fact he couldn’t get away with me.

Today, I am making chicken ‘n dumplings and a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs. The snow has started to swirl outside again and our house is nice and toasty. It is a perfect day for just staying inside and being in the kitchen, while watching the snow fall from the window!

This was our view from the bridge over the train tracks:

This little wren was soaked through from the snow and trying to get a bit of those leftover sandwich crusts, he was so sweet and happy to pose for a picture:

Easter Packages

I got a Easter surprise in the mail yesterday and it just made my day!

It is snowing outside this morning, like someone has shaken up a snow globe. Coming day hard and fast and then swirling all about.  We have gotten up early to get ready and try and get a train to the bigger town down the tracks, so we can run our errands today.

Fingers crossed, we’ll get there!

{sorry the image is a little grainy, I snapped it quickly on my phone and ran to take out a cherry pie slab from my oven for date night dessert}

The Ending of the Week

As it seems is always the way, we have come to the end of our week off and I am now finally starting to wind down and fully relax and tomorrow we go back to work, you just have to have a sense of humor about these things.

It was snowing when I woke up yesterday morning and after getting showered and dressed we walked the long way round to the grocery store. We bundled up and just took our time. It was beautiful and quiet as the snow fell around us. We even got to see a train rumble along below us as we stood on the bridge. I love trains.

We made homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch yesterday and just stayed cozy with blankets, copious amounts of tea and candles lit here and there. We each read and did a little work.  I decided on the first tiny stuffed animal I am going to make for a special little person and so I washed my fabric in preparation for that.

It was just a nice mellow day. We ate leftover homemade pizza from dinner on Friday night. I made that wonderful crust again from Annie’s Eats and Mr. Michie made his wonderful pesto again (the one he made for me on Valentine’s) and he smeared that on our crust, with diced tomatoes and cheese, it was delicious. We also watched Star Wars, so Mr. Michie was very happy!

A Snowy Monday

It began to snow last night, coming down in thick fat flakes and soon the street was covered. We awoke this morning to a good 2 inches (3 in some places) of snow and it is still coming down.

But my cozy snow day was not meant to be spent at home, so off to work we went. I think everyone is sad at the prospect of working on a snow day. Only because I feel snow seems to be nature’s way of telling you to slow down, to be, to take it in and not go outside, or if you do, it is for walks and playing, or getting more soup and bread supplies.

It was beautiful this morning. We watched the snow silently fall as we waited for the bus. The school was quiet when we entered, we were one of the first people in. I always enjoy those few quiet moments before the day begins and the noise never ceases. It is freezing in the cupboard today, I have yet to take off my coat and scarf. I might just unthaw by the time I go home.

We have chicken soup and homemade bread to look forward to tonight. I tried a new bread recipe yesterday, it is called, “peasant bread” and it is delicious. I discovered the recipe on Alexandra’s Kitchen. It has been on my “TO DO” list for ages and I am so happy that I finally made it.

I think we ate half of the loaf, standing over the kitchen counter like greedy little piglets, 5 minutes out of the oven, smothered in butter. Happiness is!

Even though it was cold, my giraffe wanted to go outside and taste a snowflake on his tongue. So we did, now he is bundled back up in the cupboard and drinking a hot cup of chocolate. With marshmallows of course!

Have a lovely Monday!