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Jumping In

Today is the first day it has truly felt summery! Last week, we were so chilly that one day, it was actually colder than Christmas day! But today, we’ve hit a balmy 80°F, the sun is shining, there is an occasional breeze blowing by. It feels WONDERFUL! Now, I just want it to last!

I ate fresh strawberries and cantaloupe for lunch today. The strawberries were so deliciously sweet, their juice squelched in my mouth and they tasted of summer. Today felt like a beach day. I’m ready to put my toes in the sand, finish reading my book and just listen to the waves roll in!

Here’s to summer! Long may she last!

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Autumnal Equinox

Jennifer Michie Hydrangea

Today we celebrate the first day of Fall. It felt as if we were quickly being ushered in this morning. The air was crisp, the dew looked almost frosted. As I walked to work, leaves twirled down around me from their lofty branches to softly land on the street, forming little crunchy pools of decay.

Summer fought her way back this afternoon as the sun was blazing and it was decidedly warm. But, the evening is cooling off, there’s a bite to the air. I think we’re moving into sweater weather.


It feels as if we have turned a corner today and that summer might just have arrived to our neck of the woods.

The sunshine is out, it is warm, the air is balmy. I’m ready to put my toes in the sand and watch the waves roll in and just listen to Stevie Nicks. This Queen of Rock ‘N Roll is always a good summertime pick!

Here’s to Wednesday! We’re half-way to the weekend!


Jennifer Michie Spring Tree 1

Jennifer Michie Spring Tree 2

Jennifer Michie Spring Tree 3

This morning, I walked through the park on my way to work. I stopped for a few minutes on a bench to drink my coffee and breath in the fresh air before I headed into school. It was cold this morning, there was a frost on the rooftops and a biting breeze. But I had on my cozy winter coat and my cup of coffee, so I was happy. The sun was shining and the tree branches above me were swaying. I watched the sun dance through the leaves as their speckled pattern splayed out across the grass. It was the perfect calm before the onslaught of the day.

The First of March

Four Leaf Clover

It’s March already. How can that be? Time is moving too quickly and I’m too caught up in what I have to do, instead of what I really want to do. Hopefully, that will change soon, I’m working hard at finding balance!

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Jennifer Michie Rain

It has rained off and on for most of the day. Heavy at times, a slight drizzle at other points. I wish it was snow, instead of rain. I think Spring is trying very hard to come out and play, but I don’t know if I’m done with Winter yet.


Jennifer Michie Rainy Morning

It was dark, raining and very windy when I left the cottage this morning. It was still dark when my train pulled into London. The view from my carriage window was blurred by the raindrops speeding down the glass, their velocity matching the train. The lights we passed seemed to stretch out for miles, the dark and the rain exaggerating their glow.

I found my salvation this morning at 7:26am, while waiting for the tube, I took my first glorious sip of hot coffee. I’m normally up not long after 5, so by that point in the morning, I am more than ready for a little jolt of caffeine. Everyone was quiet this morning. The darkness, the rain, the fact that it was another Monday all played their part, I think.

It has rained off and on all day. Night is starting to close in earlier now. You can tell that we are not that far off from moving our clocks back and shortening our days. We have sat on the cusp long enough, I think we are finally slipping into Autumn.

Feels Like Fall

Jennifer Michie Dawn

It felt Fall-ish this weekend. It was cool and rainy on Saturday, sunny and chilly yesterday. Today I left the house to a dark and windy morning, which slowly budded into the most gorgeous sunrise, the sky was filled with pink and gold and a deep purple, the trees and houses I passed, black silhouettes against the rising dawn. All this beauty had vanished behind clouds and a rain filled sky by the time I got off the tube.

It feels like Fall has arrived to England. Blustery, rainy weather and the crunch of leaves underfoot. I just wanted to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea this afternoon. It feels like sweater weather!

Below is a small Autumn Playlist that I made, these songs make me think of hot apple cider, pumpkins, sweaters, the leaves changing, the evenings closing in sooner, the train racing past fields filled with birds following the Harvester, rainy afternoons and crispy mornings, to name but a few things.

Autumn Days by Jennifer Michie on Grooveshark

A Bend in the Road

This is Glamorous Road Image

I’ve found it harder and harder to come to this little space of mine this week. I had many things to share, but as the week wore on, it took me right along with it. We had many plans for this weekend, but it turned in to a quiet one instead. A weekend to recuperate from the week that was.

The sunshine was out and about today, but the air was cool. The shadows are changing, the sun sunk a little sooner into the evening. We are coming to a bend in the road, we haven’t quite got there yet, but you can feel it’s approach. Summer is starting to lose her grip and we are slowly slipping from one season in to the next.

Pumpkin weather is coming and I’m ready for it!

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