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A Snail’s Pace

Jennifer Michie Snail Mosaic

Yesterday Mr. Michie had a conference near Regent’s Park and I had the afternoon off, so we decided to meet. It was wonderful! It felt like we were being naughty, just walking around, taking in the world, while everyone else was at work.

He bought me a surprise and as the sales woman wrapped it, she asked if it was a special occasion? To which we replied, “YES! We are together for the afternoon!”. Just being together is special occasion enough for us. We wandered slowly, letting everyone else pass us by. We were absolutely content with our stolen afternoon. Here’s to more stolen afternoons!

Lumiere London 2016


Mr. Michie met me last night in town after work and we went on a walking adventure: Lumiere London. A selection of international artists lit up London and it was magical!

These are just a few of my shots. It was freezing outside, but the atmosphere was just incredible! They had shut down Regent’s Street so you could easily manoeuvre around, which was fantastic. Seeing Westminster Abbey lit up like that was amazing; it was surreal. I’ve had a few opportunities to work on projection projects like this, which made me appreciate what these artists have done even more. It was a really fun date night in London.

Jennifer Michie Lumiere London 1 Jennifer Michie Lumiere London 2 Jennifer Michie Lumiere London 3 Jennifer Michie Lumiere London 4 Jennifer Michie Lumiere London 5 Jennifer Michie Lumiere London 6

Je suis Paris!

It’s been a week since I last posted here. First, it was because school was keeping me busy, but since Friday it’s been for different reasons.

I awoke on Saturday morning to Mr. Michie sharing what had happened in Paris with me and I cried. Since then, I’ve been glued to every shred of information I can read or watch about the #ParisAttacks.

I have started and restarted this post many times. Each time I have felt like I am scrambling in the dark – searching for the right words; desperately trying to process this terrible event.

I believe that events such as these encourage us to reflect, and while blogging can be a great way to do just that, I don’t like to use this space as a political platform. I have read other blogs over the past few days that have either been flippant about what has happened, or extremely visceral, voicing their tears and thoughts.  I couldn’t be either, I only felt silent and heavy hearted.

I first visited Paris when I was 16 and fell in love. I knew that I would return and I did! I spent a wonderful long weekend there with my sister when I was in my early 20s. We walked the streets, visited galleries, found the greatest fondue restaurant and ate our weight in pastry.

I honeymooned with Mr. Michie in Paris; we drank wine and walked along the river. It is a place we have visited many times, throughout the seasons. We have favourite stores, favourite restaurants, favourite places to stroll or just sit. A visit to Angelina’s for hot chocolate is always a must. For a while, Paris became a second home to us. It still is.

To see the violence that was thrust upon this magical place made me sick. Sick to my very core.

But Paris is resilient. It always has been.

As I’ve walked around London this week, it is clear that things have changed. Everyone is on edge. People stop and watch police cars passing by; they listen to the sirens – jerked out of autopilot; they jump at sounds and sights that no one normally pays attention too. People are on edge, but they, like me, are trying to keep with their daily lives. To go on as if nothing has changed.

Even though we may all be a little more wary, a little more cautious, we will continue to live our lives. We will continue to go out, to shop, to laugh, to see friends, to enjoy time with those we hold most dear. We will appreciate the little things even more. We will hug a little tighter, kiss a little longer, and savour every single word breathed from the lips of those we love.

We will not be made to cower; our voices will not be silenced. For there is no where we should fear to tread.

We appreciate the value of life; the value of living that life to the full. And we will continue to look for the good in people, to not let evil shake our faith in humanity, for that will mean the terrorists have won.

Je suis Paris! Vive le France!

Picture House Cinema

Jennifer Michie Picture House Cinema 4

As we often use cut throughs when in London, we always discover new things. Yesterday while zigzagging around Shaftesbury Avenue, we walked by the Picture House Cinema. They are dotted around London, but this was the first one I had ever been to.

We peered through their cafe, took in the grandeur of this gorgeous old building and before we knew it, our feet were carrying us inside.

Jennifer Michie Picture House Cinema 1

Jennifer Michie Picture House Cinema 3

We bought tickets and walked up the stunning red tiled staircase. We peeked into the bar and then got some snacks. Popcorn and a pink striped cup of pick ‘n mix as I was in the mood for some gummy candy.

We headed toward the screens and then proceeded up two floors to get to our screen. There were carved murals on the wall depicting medieval scenes, that were just beautiful!

Jennifer Michie Picture House Cinema 2

The theatre itself was spacious, we sat in the back on a couch seat and snuggled up to watch The Irrational Man. It was a great movie going experience and we will definitely be back!

Pizza Pilgrims

Jennifer Michie Pizza Pilgrims 1

Jennifer Michie Pizza Pilgrims 2

Jennifer Michie Pizza Pilgrims 3

We headed into the city this weekend to run a few errands and decided to grab an early dinner at Pizza Pilgrims. I have been following their story for awhile now and had been dying to taste their pizza. Their restaurant is situated in Kingly Court, where CandyCakes used to be.

I had the “Filetti” (a white pizza), Mr. Michie had the “Salsiccia e Friarielli” (a white pizza with fresh fennel sausage, chilli and wild broccoli). We split a scoop of vanilla gelato for dessert. 

I have to say, and Mr. Michie would agree, that this is hands down the best pizza we have ever had in England. It tasted like I was back in Italy – it was that delicioso!

If you’re in London and looking for a great pizza, fun atmosphere, friendly staff, good beer and ice cream to die for then I would suggest you check this place out!

The Japanese Garden

Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 1

Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 2Jennifer Michie Japanese Garden 3

Yesterday, we took our first official walk, of spring 2015. We headed straight to the Japanese Garden at Regent’s Park. It is our favourite park to walk in, and the Japanese Garden is the perfect place to begin.

We wove our way around the park taking in nature’s changing face and ended up on the “free” zoo tour, which stretched along a high path on one side of ZSL. We watched the kids play with the goats and sheep in the farm area and the camels munching away on hay, while people stared at them over their fence. Finally, we ended our walk by heading over the bridge to glance in at the warthogs, but they had decided not to come out, and so we watched people walk along the canal instead.

If you were in any doubt, spring has sprung. The trees are beginning to blossom and the bulbs and primroses are in full bloom. Happiness is!

A London Saturday

We had some errands to run on Saturday.  So, we got up early and left the house not long before seven.

We stopped off for breakfast:

Jennifer Michie Toast

Strolled by Lina’s to look at the giant candy Easter Eggs in the window:

Jennifer Michie Lina's Easter

And just happened upon this fella:

Jennifer Michie Fox

I love when errands become lazy strolls, walking hand in hand down almost deserted streets. It’s as if all of London belongs to you, or at least a small slice of it.

A Warm Gummy Bear Day

Now, I am not a fan of Ed Rooney, but I had a bit of his day today. I had a warm gummy bear day. Do you remember that scene at the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, when Mr. Rooney walks on the bus and he has to sit next to the girl who offers him a warm gummy bear? By the end of today, if someone had offered me one, I know that I would have also flicked it away in silent disgust.

This morning I was one of only three people waiting for the train, but then it was late and there was a crowd. A woman, who I see everyday waiting on the train as well, actually used her briefcase to block me, so she could get on before me. I’m going to try and chalk that up to the fact that her hair is always pulled back in such a tight bun, it looks like it hurts. So maybe the pain from her bun, causes her to always be so rude. Of course, all the men made sure they were getting on, pushing and shoving their way through. Gee, nothing like a gentleman to let a lady on first.

Tonight heading home, I got a seat on the tube. That never happens. Next time, I’m just gonna keep standing. The tube smelled awful, like that hot school bus smell with a bunch of punky kids on it and you know that they had gym class that day and haven’t showered, do you know what I’m talking about? The man who sat down next to me, hadn’t bathed in quite awhile, but I couldn’t politely or discreetly move as by that point the tube was packed and there was no room. I tried to breath through my mouth.

The teenage boy across from me had his finger so far up his nose that I was sure we would have to call for a surgeon to remove it, when he suddenly pulled out a ginormous booger and proceeded to fling it onto a ladies skirt! I think my mouth might have fallen completely open at this point.

A five minute walk from the tube to the train station, where by the time I got on a train, I was frozen solid and was so happy that for once the train driver had been kind enough to turn the heating on. This warm fuzzy feeling didn’t stay for long, no siree, it didn’t! It lasted only long enough for a man to get on with a huge tuna salad sandwich baguette. The smell of tuna baking in the heat of the train was utterly enticing, NOT!

I was so happy to get off the train and breath in the fresh air again. I slowly walked home. By the time I got to the cottage, I couldn’t feel my fingers, my nose, or my cheeks, but I didn’t care, I couldn’t take one more smell or rude person today.

Today was definitely a MONDAY!