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Munchkins and Other Things

Jennifer Michie Munchkin

Mr. Michie bought me my first munchkin of the season this weekend. It looks so cheery tucked in around my Halloween and Fall decor.

It was a very wet weekend, so we stayed in and bundled up, drank copious amounts of tea and had all our little candles flickering away. I caught up on our mountain of laundry and worked on an art project for school. So my afternoon was spent listening to the Capital Cities album and cutting and pasting and sketching and doodling. And now, I can’t get this song out of my head:

Mr. Michie took me out to dinner on Saturday night, it was a great date! We braved the rain on Sunday to run to the grocery store, my green polka dot wellies kept my feet nice and dry! All in all, it was relaxing and everything a quiet weekend pottering around should be!

Safe and Sound

This has been such a busy week this week. I have so many things to share, but I have too much to do tonight to share a lot. One of which is baking a batch of snickerdoodles for a colleagues birthday tomorrow, because snickerdoodles are just plain happiness!

But, in the meantime while I am waiting to share some things with you, I thought I would share this, my parents are always hip to the scene and told me last night that I needed to watch the video because I would love it and I did!

So, even though I have been radio silent for a few days here and there this month, we are safe and sound!