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Back To School

Newport Beach, California, student Lenore Reday crossing the street and kinda looking like she “can turn the world on with her smile.”

Newport Beach, California, student Lenore Reday crossing the street and kinda looking like she “can turn the world on with her smile.”

We have been on a whirlwind trip this summer. I can’t believe it’s over! Back to reality this morning. I don’t think I’m ready.

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Through Different Eyes

The past few days I’ve been planning for a class I’ll be teaching in September. I have my own ideas about this project and where I want to take it, but I also don’t want to hinder anyone’s creativity.

Everyone sees the world differently through their own eyes. I’m excited to see how each person approaches the task at hand and what their final outcome will be.

School’s Out For Summer

Phone Call Pink Phone

“Oh, Doris! Did you hear?”

“No, Joni. What?”

“School’s out for SUMMER!”


The students have officially left the building and even though I’ll still be working for a while longer getting things cleaned up and ready for next year, it will be done at a less frenetic pace.

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A Mountain Range of Paint

As we moved into the Easter Break, one of the things on my To-Do list was to scrape back the oil paint from the palettes so we could re-use them once we return to school.

There is something satisfying about scraping all of the paint off, by this point it has become almost gooey, gummy even. As I smeared it across some newspaper to wipe my knife clean, I happened to look down and noticed all the little waves and crests and ridges that had formed. It was my own little ocean or mountain range of oil paint.

The way one color moved into the next, pattern but no pattern, rhythm and flow. It made me smile, it was almost a miniature work of art in itself.

Jennifer Michie Oil Paint 1 Jennifer Michie Oil Paint 2 Jennifer Michie Oil Paint 3

The First Day Back

Jennifer Michie Still Life 2014

The first day back to school after a break is always the longest. It has been a very busy day with lots of exam prep! The theme for the first exam is “Tools”. So I put together a different still life in each studio. Above is a close-up of one of them. I was so happy to find that blue and white stripped ribbon, it fit perfectly into the nozzle of that vintage watering can and swirled very gracefully around the other objects.

I’m pooped, but nothing that a slice of pie can’t cure! Happy Monday!

The First Day Back

Jennifer Michie February 24

The first 4:45 wake-up in over a week! I don’t know what was worse, the fact that the alarm was going off or that I was lying there waiting for it to happen, watching the minutes slowly tick away.

It was cool here this morning and something happened in my week off, the sky has started to brighten earlier than before. One week ago it was still dark on my journey in, this morning the sky was ribboned with pale blues, blush pinks, violet purples, mangos and gold. Spring is coming!

It was a long day back, the first day always is. I stayed late, got caught in rush hour tube traffic. I was pushed, smushed and stomped on. I’m telling ya mean people are MEAN! I then had to walk home in the rain and got absolutely soaked through! Well it can only getter better from here, right? RIGHT!

P.S. This was my calendar page this morning, it made me smile! I hope it makes you smile too!