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A Japanese Kokeshi Doll

I know that my posting has been a bit sporadic as of late. My computer is dying a slow and very painful death. The screen begins to flash as if its possessed and the keyboard has now decided to stop working among other things, so Mr. Michie is very kindly sharing his macbook with me in the meantime.

In attempting to get caught up with my blog reading list this morning, I saw this post on Colossal. I was mesmerised. More than ever before, the art of creating something by hand should be valued. In Japan, Yasuo Okazaki carries on the tradition of handcrafting Kokeshi Dolls that was taught to him by his father. Beautiful.

{Original post found on Colossal}


Jennifer Michie Sunshine

For what started out as a pretty gloomy morning my tube ride was filled with light. Sunshine poured through every window, nook and cranny. It filled my soul with happiness and hope, for that is what the light is supposed to do.


Another great find while catching up with the last threads of things I stored on my Instapaper account over the summer, I discovered a film on The Fox is Black site. Simply entitled Tone, it’s focus lies not with the art of painting itself but rather the medium used to create works of art: paint. The film was created by NY based filmmaker Trent Jaklitsch, who filmed Alyssa Monks while at work.

I was completely mesmerised by the colors bleeding and swirling into one another as they are blended. I love cleaning my brushes, watching the paint swirl around the water, like a squid that has just extruded a puff of ink. The water beginning to cloud with color like a storm rolling in.

The paint hues tangible, the bristles of her brush sweeping through the paint and stirring it into peaks and ridges as if she is creating mountains of color. There comes a point where it doesn’t appear as paint any more, it materializes almost as if it has come out of the cosmos, a star burst of color. Or, like bodily fluids, blood pulsing through the veins. It is an intoxicating film to view.

The First Day of Fall

Jennifer Michie Lichen

It has felt autumnal all day. This morning was crispy and although the sun came out it never truly felt warm. I went for a walk in the park over lunch and spotted an old bench, spotted with lichen. The sun was streaming through the leaves overhead and undulating back and forth over a small patch, almost as if the sun was beaming through the water on a patch of coral. It made me smile.

A Midwest Sunset

Jennifer Michie Sunset

Now, I am a Southerner, but I’ve been spending a bit of time in the Midwest this summer. Now, there is nothing like watching the sun set over the water in Charleston, but the sunsets here have a beauty all of their own!

Welcome April

Jennifer Michie White Blossoms

We ushered in April today and I can’t believe we are already 4 months in to this new year. This was a picture I snapped over the weekend. It is one of the many trees in full bloom in Regent’s Park. When the wind blew and the blossoms floated off, it looked like a miniature snowstorm.

Febraury Blossoms

Jennifer Michie Camellia

There are a few camellia bushes in bloom that I walk by on my way to school in the morning. This flower was just the perfect shade of Valentine’s pink!

Happy Monday!


Mark Hearld Winter Fox

Winter is a slow, low time. Everything
is hiding from the cold; just staying alive is
enough. Days are short, but the long frosty
nights blaze with stars and spring
is just a moon or two away.

I saw the most delightful children’s book this weekend. It was illustrated by Mark Hearld. An artist whose work I truly admire.

This was one of the first pages I turned to. With my love of foxes, I was sold! It has gone on my wish list of books, at it has been so charmingly constructed.

{A First Book of Nature, by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Mark Hearld}