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The First Sunday of Advent

Vintage Baubles

The house has been filled with the sounds of Christmas music today. The candles are lit, the pumpkin pie has been baked, fresh vanilla whipped cream is in the fridge and the turkey is in the oven along with carrots which are roasting in an orange juice and brown sugar glaze.

The mashed potatoes are being kept warm and the stuffing and other sides are in their final stages as well. We are celebrating Thanksgiving today. Work has kept us from celebrating it sooner as Mr. Michie had a late school night on Thursday and a school commitment yesterday as well. So today is our Thanksgiving with each other. We have had a quiet day, which is something that doesn’t happen often, I have loved it!

On this first Sunday of Advent we are celebrating love, family, a roof over our heads, food on our table and the blessings of the Season.

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Thanksgiving Pins

Just a few things that have caught my eye lately:

Jennifer Michie Thanksgiving Pins

1. An adorable turkey by the lovely Jennifer Murphy // And other silly things…
2. Roasted turkey, cranberry and brie grilled cheese // Heather Christo
3. Blushing Pumpkin // French Kissed
4. 30 Table Ideas // Style me Pretty
5. Cranberry Sorbet Champagne Fizz // Annie’s Eats
6. Spice Pumpkin Layer Cake // Annie’s Eats
7. Thanksgiving Tablescapes // Cottage & Vine

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A Photo Shoot

We woke up early this morning and ran out in the rain to get coffee and go grocery shopping. Everyone in the grocery store seemed to be in a bad mood, maybe it was the weather? It has rained all day without ceasing, but I don’t mind it. The candles are lit, we made a fresh loaf of buttermilk banana bread, tried a new recipe for dinner, drank tea, listened to Christmas music and worked on this:

Jennifer Michie Christmas Shoot 2014

Those objects were the beginning ingredients for our photoshoot that will become our Christmas card this year. I still had the watercolour of the evergreens I did last year, so I cut them out and made a stand for them and decided to make them part of the background. I’m going for a 50s/60s look this year.

You can see my previous designs here:

Christmas Card 2013
The Anatomy of a Christmas Card
A New Years Card
The Christmas Angel (our card for 2012)

{These cards are my original designs, please do not use without permission}

The Weekend

I haven’t disappeared completely. This week has been insanely busy and with my computer on the fritz, it isn’t as easy to post as it normally is. But, I’ll get there slowly and surely. We’ve spent our weekend cleaning, organising and running a few errands. Mr. Michie met me after work on Friday and we headed to one of our favourite places, Wahaca. I had the chicken enchiladas with a creamy tomatillo sauce, it was delicioso!

Jennifer Michie Wahaca

We’ve walked, drunk copious amounts of tea, ate freshly made banana bread (no point in letting overripe bananas go to waste!). Watched holiday movies and feasted on hot chocolate for breakfast before going grocery shopping.

Jennifer Michie Hot Chocolate

It has been such a nice weekend, I’ll be sad to see it come to an end.

A Japanese Kokeshi Doll

I know that my posting has been a bit sporadic as of late. My computer is dying a slow and very painful death. The screen begins to flash as if its possessed and the keyboard has now decided to stop working among other things, so Mr. Michie is very kindly sharing his macbook with me in the meantime.

In attempting to get caught up with my blog reading list this morning, I saw this post on Colossal. I was mesmerised. More than ever before, the art of creating something by hand should be valued. In Japan, Yasuo Okazaki carries on the tradition of handcrafting Kokeshi Dolls that was taught to him by his father. Beautiful.

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