Rise ‘N Roll

An early morning ride to pick up fresh cinnamon rolls and doughnuts.

Nothing better then getting up before the sun rises to head out and see dawn unfold before your eyes as you go on a little adventure with your Dad!

Our road trip took us to the Rise ‘N Roll Bakery, a little piece of Heaven right here on earth, their cinnamon rolls are as light as air and their doughnuts will melt in your mouth!

4 thoughts on “Rise ‘N Roll

  1. the REAL girl

    Jennifer…………….what fun sweetie!!! These are memories that will last FOREVER!!!!!!!!! LOVE cinnamon rolls; we have a place in town that makes the best ones, too!! Enjoy!


    1. Jennifer Michie

      I am having so much fun! Today I saw the most beautiful little buggy tied to the hitching post while a very patient horse waited for his owner. The weather is gorgeous and we are having a grand old time with the baby! xx

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