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A Busy Night

Once I got home last night from the job that pays me with real money, I started my second job last night, the one I love, even though there is no money in it, my job at home. It was a busy night! We had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients for a cake I am making for Mr. Michie’s class. Friday is their cake day and this week the class is celebrating two birthdays, so he asked me if I would make Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Cake.

He loves this cake. I baked my 2 cakes last night, so tonight when I get in from work, I can make the icing and start to decorate it.

At the grocery store we were walking down the baking aisle and saw these:

I couldn’t believe it! We have been being very good lately, but decided to cheat a little and got a bag of these and a bag of chocolate chunk with pecan. I have never been able to get Pepperidge Farm cookies here, so this is a BIG DEAL! If they start selling the gingerbread men or the chocolate milano’s, I am in big trouble!!

I folded laundry, we had homemade tiropita for dinner and salad, they were delicious, just the right bite from the feta cheese! I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, baked the cakes, Mr. Michie had an online meeting and then I finally sat down to watch some TV and “Romancing the Stone”on. I love that movie! So, I sat there with my little Pepperidge Farm cookies wrapped in a blanket and was absolutely happy.

Hot Chocolate To Go

Just because your hot chocolate is in a to-go cup, doesn’t mean it still can’t be special! I had to do something this morning to make me smile, as it is only Tuesday and I was sure when I woke up this morning we had at least made it to Wednesday!

Never mind, Wednesday is coming tomorrow and then we are 1/2 way through the week!

Spring Cleaning

We worked extremely hard yesterday putting away all of our Christmas decorations and giving the house a thorough cleaning.

Next week, I am going to really tear apart our bedroom and get the closets more organized. I know that we will most likely end up with a bag of items for The Salvation Army and a bag of items to be turned into fabric scraps and dust rags.

The house looks so bare now, but it feels clean. I have decorated for Valentine’s Day and left one little tiny tree up, that I have adorned with Valentine hearts. Nothing wrong with a little twinkle and glow.

Our weekend in pictures:

Goodbye Genevieve see you next year!

Mr. Michie took out the garbage and recycling and we saw a double rainbow the complete full arch, that was a nice gift.

Potato Soup for dinner. I kind of followed Paula Deen’s recipe for it, but then went off the rails and made it completely my own. It was warming to the soul and we sat on the couch like vegetables, completely worn out and watched “Two Mules for Sister Sara”. Happiness!

Writing on the Wall #64

“I’m singing. OH, I’M SINGING IN MY SOUL
I sing from MORN’ till NIGHT
I’m singing, YES, I’m singing in my SOUL.”

I’m singing today, I’m singing LOUD, I’m singing PROUD, I’m singing in my SOUL! It is the weekend! And I don’t know what about those 4 little words just couldn’t make you HAPPY, make you SMILE, make you SING!

Sister Rosetta Tharpe
{Image By Lisa Congdon from The Reconstructionists Blog}


Well, my friends, I have a secret, I am not even embarrassed about it and I have admitted it here and there in some of my January posts: I still have all of my Christmas decorations up.

Okay, I am now giving you a moment to gasp and compose yourself again.

Moment over, here is my reasoning: it is dark when we leave for school in the morning, dark when we come home at night. The cupboard has no windows, so I rarely get natural light within my day. So, the thought of coming home to the warm twinkling glow of lights, makes me smile.

We came home tonight and laid in bed with our little Christmas tree on, watching big fat flakes of snow billow around outside. It was heaven!

I will work on starting to take everything down this weekend, giving the cottage a truly good “Spring Cleaning” and decorate for Valentine’s Day.

However, I have one little tree that is too cute to put away. It shall stand with its white lights and I will hang Valentine hearts on it.

I read a very dear someone’s blog today and I am delighted to know that I am not the only one with a hint of Christmas still up (although mine is much more than a hint)!

Twinkle lights are good for you, they are good for the soul, don’t let anyone tell you any different!


Back to school today, we can’t be too greedy with snow days I suppose, I shall count my lucky stars that we were given at least one.

There is a heavy fog outside and the snow is still blanketing everything. Where it has melted on the streets that has all turned to ice. It is freezing outside and our ears were getting redder and redder as we waited for the bus. It looked like a winter wonderland as we drove to school.

This was my calendar picture this morning and I thought it was rather appropriate:

Have a great day wherever you may be today!

Snow Day

School was cancelled last night due to the snow. So I am having my much longed for snow day! Woo-Hoo!

Today, we are staying cozy, I am trying to fight off a cold and I am working on a few projects. One project in particular that has been on the back burner for awhile and now I feel compelled to do something about it.

Hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you may be and I will be back soon…

A Walk in the Snow

We went for a walk today, we needed a few things for Sunday dinner. It has been snowing steadily since 8 this morning. It is beautiful.

We have our twinkle lights on, we have made a fresh pasta sauce, baked and iced homemade oatmeal cookies, I have listened to some Christmas tunes while laying in bed this morning watching the snow fall from the window. It has been wonderful.

I will share more of our day soon, for now, this is just a peek.

No Snow YET!

The snow didn’t come quickly enough this morning, so off to work we go. It will apparently be coming in at 10am this morning and possibly not stopping till Sunday if you go with one report. So, I imagine that it will be absolute chaos this afternoon trying to get all the students home, albeit organized chaos.

But, it is the weekend, so we have that to look forward too, even though we don’t have a cozy snow day off!

{image from my Winter board on Pinterest by Yohji Yamamoto}

UPDATE: it is now coming down like a little blizzard out there and we will be closing the school early this afternoon. It  looks just like a little snow globe outside that someone has shaken with dizzying delight. Just before it really started to fall heavily, I caught this little seagull just observing it all from the roof: